New Pixel Tablet Leaked Screenshots Reveal User Interface and Wallpapers Following Previous Pixel Fold UI Leak

Google’s first Pixel-branded tablet may debut sometime in 2023, but details and leaks of the upcoming device have already started to surface online. Recently, Twitter tipster Evan Blass tweeted images that appeared to be screenshots of the tablet’s home screen alongside some wallpaper options.

Pixel Tablet’s User Interface

The leaked images show the Pixel Tablet sporting a landscape layout, which suggests that it runs on an optimised version of Android 13 for larger displays. The user interface also indicates that the Pixel Tablet could feature Google’s Material You theme engine, influencing the colours and accents of the icons and widgets according to the device’s wallpaper.

The images display dark and light modes of four different wallpapers featuring bird wings in the background. Observers have noted that the leaked images may indeed be screenshots from a Pixel Tablet, rather than those of the Pixel Fold smartphone, as there are no phone icons visible on the home screen.

Pixel Fold: Comparison and Analysis

Blass leaked images of the Pixel Fold just a week before uploading the Pixel Tablet interface screenshots. The leaked images revealed that the Pixel Fold smartphone could sport a large cover display with significant bezels, especially on the inner display.

Although the user interface for both devices is slightly different, with the Pixel Fold hinting at a slightly taller display, some similarities can be inferred. The search bar is positioned at the left-hand side of the dock in the Pixel Tablet UI, while the thicker search bar above the dock is visible in the leaked images of the Pixel Fold.

Possible Features for the Pixel Tablet

The rumoured Pixel Tablet’s specifications include an aluminium body with a nano-ceramic finish that may come in four different colourways. Reports suggest that it will be equipped with an optimised Android 13 operating system out-of-the-box, powered by a Tensor G2 chipset that is paired with 8GB of RAM.

Google may also include a Charging Speaker Dock along with the tablet, much like what recent leaks have hinted at. It is interesting to note that an earlier report tipped off the inclusion of a charging dock with the tablet, which could mean that Google is emphasising the product’s “desk-friendly” functions.

Final Thoughts

Although not much is known about the Pixel Tablet, the recent leak of its user interface shows that the device is already in the works. The timing of Google’s new releases, including the Pixel Tablet, remains unknown, but one may expect more details to surface in the coming months.

For now, fans of the Google Pixel series can gear up for exciting news and updates about the expected features of the upcoming Tablet and the Fold smartphone. Only time will tell what Google plans to offer its users with these new devices.


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