New Leak Suggests iPhone 15 Pro Will Ditch Solid-State Volume Buttons

The upcoming iPhone 15 Pro lineup is generating quite a bit of buzz in advance of its expected launch later this year. The series will include a variety of different models, each with their own unique features and capabilities.

New Developments in Volume Button Design

Previously, rumors had circulated that the iPhone 15 Pro models would feature a singular solid-state haptic button to control volume instead of the traditional two-button design. However, a new report from 9to5Mac suggests that the latter design will prevail when the phones are ultimately released. According to the report, incorporating the new button technology would require installing three haptic engines into the phone hardware, which would have delayed the production schedule considerably.

The report also indicated that the mute button on the new phones is set to be similar to the customisable Action button on the Apple Watch Ultra. Additionally, the camera bumps on the iPhone 15 Pro models are expected to be large but not as significant as earlier leaks had suggested.

Additional Features of the iPhone 15 Pro Lineup

In addition to these changes in volume button technology, the new iPhone 15 Pro lineup is expected to feature a number of different enhancements and upgrades that will make it one of the most appealing and powerful smartphones on the market today. For instance, the camera module on the Pro models is expected to include up to 5-6x optical zoom-enabled periscope lenses, something that is sure to excite photography enthusiasts.

Other changes that have been rumored to feature in the new lineup include a USB Type-C port at the bottom edge of the phones, which was required by an EU law. However, the phones will reportedly come with company-certified cables so that users can get maximum charging and transfer speeds. The frames of the iPhone 15 Pro devices also appear to be more rounded than those of the iPhone 14 models, which will give them a more attractive and sleek look.

A Closer Look at the iPhone 15 Pro Max

The most high-end phone in the iPhone 15 Pro lineup, the Pro Max, is set to feature a number of additional enhancements and upgrades. This phone is projected to include the same basic features as the other Pro models but with larger camera bumps and even more advanced lens technology. The Pro Max may come with up to 5-6x optical zoom-enabled periscope lenses that will give users a much greater ability to capture fine details, even from a distance.

Overall, the new iPhone 15 Pro lineup is sure to be one of the most exciting and innovative smartphone releases of the coming year. With advances in camera technology, new button designs, and sleek, attractive frames, these phones are sure to appeal to users who demand nothing but the best from their mobile devices. Be sure to keep an eye out for more news and updates about this upcoming release as the launch date grows closer!


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