New Destiny 2 Patch Addresses Shotgun Exploit and Guardian Games Problems

Destiny 2 has received a fresh update this week, which primarily focuses on addressing known issues with the Guardian Games and certain weapons. Bungie, the game’s developer, has released patch notes outlining the fixes and improvements that have been made in the latest update. Here’s what you need to know.

Guardian Games Fixes

Heir Apparent Quest and Catalyst Progression Issue Resolved

One of the major issues that the latest Destiny 2 update aimed to fix is a problem with the progression of the Heir Apparent quest and its catalyst. Players have been experiencing difficulty attempting to advance these quests after completing certain objectives. The update corrects this issue and allows players to progress these quests as intended.

Champ Seal Gilding Issue Resolved

Another issue that has been addressed in the Guardian Games section of the update is the Champ Seal not being gilded. This issue has now been resolved by Bungie, allowing players to gild their Champ Seals as they are supposed to.

Fly the Flag Bounty Progress Issue Resolved

For those players who found that their progress on the Fly the Flag bounty was taking too long, the latest Destiny 2 update has resolved this issue. This bounty should now operate at the speed that Bungie intended it to, allowing players to advance and complete it as expected.

Weapons Fixes and Improvements

Enhanced Eager Edge Perk Issue Addressed

The Enhanced Eager Edge perk issue has been addressed in the latest update, allowing players to experience the benefits of this perk as intended. Previously, the perk would deactivate earlier than intended, which caused issues for players attempting to use it in-game.

Slug Shotgun Exploit Fixed

Bungie has addressed a major exploit that allowed players to gain a massive damage boost by swapping from a slug shotgun to another shotgun. The developer has plugged this exploit by adding a two-second window where a weapon cannot be fired after swapping to it from the inventory screen.

Other Fixes and Improvements in the Latest Destiny 2 Update

Nightfall Fixes

The latest update has reverted the change that removed the third Refraction Core in Heist Battlegrounds. Additionally, Bungie has fixed an issue where previously defeated enemies and champions respawned if players wiped in the Lake of Shadows boss room.

Guardian Games Fixes Continued

Bungie has fixed an issue where the normal matchmaking options for Supremacy were missing their descriptions. This makes it easier for players to understand the rules of this game type.

Final Thoughts

The latest Destiny 2 update is a small one, but it does address some of the known problems that players have been experiencing with the game. As Season of the Deep approaches, players can look forward to new content, including craftable weapons, golden gear in Trials of Osiris, and new Strand Aspects to uncover. Cheaters should also take note that Bungie has been winning lawsuits against cheat-makers, including a $6.7 million judgment against Lavicheats.


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