NetEase’s Hyper Front to cease operations on April 10, 2023

Chinese video game company NetEase has announced that its online shooter-based game Hyper Front will shut down its services on April 10, 2023. The news has sparked speculation about the reasons behind the shutdown, with many pointing to the game’s close resemblance to the popular title Valorant as a possible factor.

The Resemblance to Valorant:

Hyper Front was targeted, among others, by Riot Games which sued them for producing a copycat game reminiscent of Valorant in December of last year. Hyper Front had a lot of features similar to the original game, including options for players to choose from a roster of characters, an arsenal of different weapons, and different powerups and gameplay options. The game’s environment was also sci-fi, making the similarities between the two games even more pronounced.

Gameplay In Hyper Front:

Hyper Front offered two in-game battle modes, including casual and ranked modes. Casual modes included classic, death fight, arms race, and conquest match types. Ranked matches, on the other hand, featured search and destroy games that allowed players to rank up by defeating other players.

The Reason for Shutdown:

Although no official reason has been given for the shutdown of Hyper Front, its resemblance to Valorent is believed to have played a role. This is not unusual in the gaming industry, as once a game becomes famous, other developers may try to cash in on its popularity by developing their own similar titles.

NetEase has not commented on whether the shutdown will have any effect on their other game titles or services. It is also unclear whether existing players will be compensated for any unused game credits, add-ons, or in-game items purchased within the platform.

Final Thoughts:

The announcement of the shutdown has left many gamers disappointed but not entirely surprised given the ongoing speculation about the resemblance to Valorant. While it is regrettable for the players, the shutdown of Hyper Front serves as a reminder of the importance of originality in the gaming industry.

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