Naughty Dog Launches Update for Last of Us PC

After much anticipation and excitement, The Last Of Us Part I remake finally arrived on PC and Steam Deck on March 28, only to be plagued with issues such as glitches, crashes, and poor performance. However, developer Naughty Dog has released a hotfix to address some of these issues, with more patches set to follow.

Hotfix Released to Improve Stability and Performance

The Last Of Us Part I, previously a popular PlayStation exclusive, has had a tumultuous start on its new platform. Players have been reporting issues such as shaders taking a long time to build on start-up, which results in extremely slow gameplay, glitchy characters, crashes, and other performance-related difficulties.

Thankfully, developer Naughty Dog has responded by releasing a hotfix which focuses on stability and performance improvements. The official patch notes state that the hotfix fixes several performance and hitch-related issues impacting a few users. Moreover, Naughty Dog also added extra diagnostic information to investigate shader building-related crashes and other commonly reported stability issues that are currently affecting players.

More Patches to Follow

Naughty Dog has indicated that this hotfix is only the first of several patches that are meant to improve the current state of the game. The studio has also added more diagnostic tools in the hotfix to help fix the issue, and they confirmed that they’re closely watching user reports before releasing the next round of bug fixes. Additionally, they’ve acknowledged player’s negative reviews on Steam, admitting that they’re taking a look at the issue concerning the slow shader building times and other stability concerns.

As for the patch itself, players will notice no significant graphic upgrades or major gameplay changes with the current patch, but it will begin to stabilize performance issues and bug fixes.

The Last of Us Part I: A Brief Overview

The Last of Us Part I was first released in 2013 and is a post-apocalyptic survival game that features a woman named Ellie and her protector Joel as they navigate through a world that has been ravaged by a contagious infection, which turns people into zombie-like creatures. The game received critical acclaim upon its release and has since become one of the most beloved games in recent years.


Despite the rocky start, The Last of Us Part I remains a thrilling and engaging game for many players to explore, and the promised patches and bug fixes will hopefully allow users to enjoy the game without any technical issues. For now, fans are eagerly awaiting the next patch release and are keeping their fingers crossed that Naughty Dog can resolve all the game’s technical issues.


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