Mobile Legends Patch 1.7.72 Update: Hero and Battlefield Adjustments Galore!

Mobile Legends, the popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game, has released its latest update, Patch 1.7.72. The update brings a range of changes to heroes in the game, in addition to adjustments to the game’s battlefield and equipment. Some of the changes will require testing, and therefore only a portion of the player base will have access to the game in its Advanced Server. However, developers have reassured all players that the changes will be available to everyone on the server after testing is complete.

Hero Adjustments


Natalia, the assassin hero, has had some experimental changes made to her gameplay. Previously, it was difficult for enemies to counter Natalia’s stealth ability, and the rules surrounding how it worked were unclear for players. To make the gameplay more balanced, Natalia will now have a Camouflage ability that partially hides her from view, making it easier for enemies to detect her. Developers are hoping that this change will improve gameplay for all involved.


Harley, the nimble assassin hero, had some experimental changes made to his skill combos to make them less rigid. Additionally, he can now stack his Attack Speed increase up to 10 times. To balance these changes, the magic ring from his Ultimate can now be removed by skills such as Purify.


Minotaur has had some experimental changes made to simplify how his Ultimate ability works. Rage has been removed, and he will now start smashing the ground immediately upon using his Ultimate.


X.Borg has had an experimental change made to his “Last Insanity” ability. He will now be left in the Armorless State after casting his Ultimate, making him more vulnerable when trying to hit more enemies with this ability.


Silvanna has had some experimental changes made to her Ultimate and Flicker skills, allowing lightning-fast assaults to be unleashed. Control immunity has been added to her Skill 2, and she can now use Flicker while leaping.


Bane’s early to mid-game damage has been nerfed, but his Regen has been significantly increased for half-tank builds.


Kaja, with his powerful teamfight capabilities and fearsome team buffs, has had a slight nerf that requires him to survive longer in team fights to get the full effects of Wrath Sanction.


Balmond’s skills have had some adjustments made to make their purpose more distinct. His Skill 1 now has a stronger slow effect, and the slow effect from his Ultimate has been removed.


Terizla has had some experimental changes made to increase the total damage dealt. His Skill 1 now has a shorter duration for its slow effect, and his Ultimate has improved performance when cast near an obstacle.


Guinevere has had some changes made to better establish her role as a Fighter, with increased damage to provide more leeway to buy defensive equipment.


Gatotkaca’s Enhanced Basic Attack has had an improvement made, with better ease of hitting enemies.


Phoveus has had a slight improvement made to his Ultimate ability’s foreswing time, allowing him to hit Blinking enemies faster.


Arlot has had a slight reduction in power in the early to mid-game, with the base damage for his Skill 2 lowered.


Hylos has had his durability nerfed to allow his enemies to fight back, despite his greater mobility.

Battlefield Adjustments

The most noteworthy battlefield adjustment in Patch 1.7.72 involves changes to hero farming. Previously, Gold Lane Marksmen had a farming advantage, but the new changes aim to balance this by increasing the gold gained by junglers. Additionally, there are equipment changes and other minor modifications to the game that are designed to create a more balanced playing field for all players.

Weekly Free Heroes

Players can now access a range of weekly free heroes from the Mobile Legends roster, including Lylia, Estes, Martis, Angela, Hanabi, Vexana, Thamuz, Rafaela, Irithel, Faramis, Masha, Paquito, Lesley, and Bruno.

Overall, Patch 1.7.72 seeks to make the game more balanced for all players and to ensure a fair playing field. Developers are carefully monitoring the changes and will make further adjustments if necessary.


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