Miyamoto Approves of Violence in Games, But Mario is Still a Peaceful Hero

Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto has clarified his stance on violent video games and reiterated his desire to keep Mario games family-friendly in a recent interview with Variety. While he stated that he has nothing against violent games, Miyamoto’s personal quest is to find creative and exciting ways to make games that don’t involve guns or violence.

Design Philosophy

In his interview with Variety, Miyamoto emphasized his desire to make games fun and interesting in ways that are different from the standard violent shooter games. He stated that while there are many mediums that entertain people, it is his mission to find other ways to make an interesting and fun game. In this vein, he has kept the Mario games family-friendly and never gives the character a gun or allows him to hurt other people.

The Future of Mario Games

It has been some time since the last mainline entry in the Mario series, Super Mario Odyssey in 2017. However, Miyamoto confirmed that Nintendo is always working on new Mario titles, and fans should look forward to announcements in future Nintendo Directs. Nintendo usually releases new entries in the series around the launch of new hardware, although no official details have been announced for the next console yet.

Mobile Games and Nintendo’s Core Strategy

Miyamoto also revealed that while Mario games for mobile have helped expand the potential audience for the franchise, they will not be the primary path of future Mario games. He reaffirmed Nintendo’s core strategy of creating hardware and software integrated gaming experiences. This focus on hardware and software has been a key part of Nintendo’s success, and it looks like they will continue to prioritize this in the future.


Overall, Miyamoto’s interview with Variety sheds light on his approach to game design and his commitment to keeping the Mario series family-friendly. While fans might be hoping for a more mature Mario game in the future, it looks like this is unlikely to happen anytime soon. However, with Nintendo always working on new entries in the series, fans can expect to see a lot more of the world’s most famous plumber in the years to come.


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