Microsoft Releases New Xbox Design Lab Colors for Elite Series 2

Microsoft has recently launched a range of new colors for its Xbox Design Lab Xbox Elite Series 2 controllers, providing players with a vast selection of options to customize their own gamepads. Costing $150, the customized controllers are now available for purchase.

New Color Options

At present, there are 16 main colors that can be used for the controller’s top and back cases. In addition to this, there are 12 colors to choose from for the ABXY face buttons, 17 accent colors for paddles and D-pad, and 25 accent colors for the rest of the controller. When the Xbox Design Lab first launched in October 2022, customers had limited options, but now have billions of possibilities to personalize their controllers.

Additional Products

Aside from the Xbox Elite Series 2’s new colors, there are a variety of devices available for purchase, including additional thumbsticks, charging packs, paddles, and a customized carry case.

Design Features

The Xbox Elite Series 2 controller offers full customization options, letting players adjust thumbsticks, rubberized grips, and trigger locks. Button mapping is also included, and profiles can be saved so players don’t have to constantly reconfigure their controllers.

Xbox Elite Series 2 Core Controller

Xbox Core Controllers in blue and red are available for preorder, alongside a current $20 discount on the White Core option on Amazon.

New Color Options List

  • Garnet Red
  • Glacier Blue
  • Deep Pink
  • Soft Orange
  • And many more

Additional Products List

  • Additional thumbsticks
  • The paddles pack
  • The carrying case
  • The charging pack


The Xbox Design Lab Xbox Elite Series 2 controller has once again proven its versatility by adding an array of new customization options for players to explore. Any gaming enthusiast can now opt for a unique option to suit their style, allowing for better immersion and satisfaction while playing.


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