Master the Ways of the Force: A Beginner’s Guide to Surviving as a Jedi in Star Wars

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Beginner’s Guide – Exploration and Combat Tips

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has been highly anticipated by fans of the franchise, and now that it’s out, players are diving into a world filled with adventure, action, and intrigue. As Cal Kestis, you will be tackling evolving threats as you journey through a galaxy sector rife with danger. To help you get started, here’s our beginner’s guide to assist with survival, exploration/navigation, and combat.

Change the Difficulty Mode If You Want To

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is an open-world action-adventure game with Souls-like mechanics added for good measure. The challenge can be intense, especially when faced with numerous enemies. Fortunately, you can alter the difficulty in the Options –> Gameplay tab. You can do this anytime, except during combat.

Meditation Circles Act as Bonfires and Fast Travel Points

Meditation Circles, also known as Meditation Points, are scattered across different planets and regions. They serve as Save/Checkpoint areas that allow you to replenish Health Points (HP), Force, Stimpack charges, change Lightsaber stances, allocate skill points, equip perks, and participate in combat training. These critical areas also serve as waypoints for Fast Travel, allowing you to access different regions faster.

Take note of where the Meditation Circles are to plan your routes more efficiently. The fast travel system becomes much more streamlined once you gain access to the Mantis. Interaction with the Holotable/Galactic Map allows you to fast travel between different planets. Even the first area of the game, Coruscant, can be revisited later in the campaign.

Rest and Heal Up When Necessary

Resting at Meditation Circles will bring back HP, Force, and Stimpack charges. However, it will also cause the enemies to respawn. To heal up while exploring or fighting, use the Stimpack charges. Two will be available when you start, but more can be found during the game. Check out our Stim upgrade locations guide for more information.

Disable Fall Damage

Given that you’ll be running, jumping, and climbing, you are likely to fall from heights that could kill you. If you plummet from a certain height, the screen will turn black, and you’ll respawn at the edge/cliffside where you started. Cal will also lose a bit of HP.

We recommend disabling fall damage in the Options –> Gameplay –> Exploration tab. It won’t save Cal from dying, but it will prevent him from losing HP after the fall.

Respawning and Retrieving XP

If Cal dies, he will respawn at the last Meditation Circle he saved at. All the XP earned until you last earned a skill point will be lost. You need to find the glowing spot or enemy where you died to retrieve the lost XP. Defeat the glowing enemies, specifically those that dealt the final blow, to recover your XP.

Activate Shortcuts When You See Them

To traverse massive areas quickly, you’ll need to use shortcuts. These could be zipline points, ropes to cut, doors from the other side, and even elevators. Once you’ve accessed these shortcuts, backtracking and revisiting areas becomes more manageable.

Traversal Abilities and Mounts

As players roam around freely in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, it’s criucial to be aware of the surroundings. Some areas have obstacles and hazards, preventing you from passing. You’ll soon acquire the necessary traversal abilities necessary to go through them. These include Grappling Hooks, Air Dashes, Electro Darts, and even charms that let you pass through green barriers.

Tameable mounts will help you reach your objectives and reach hidden areas. For more details, check out our tameable mounts guide.

Pick Your Lightsaber Stances and Force Powers

There are five Lightsaber stances in this game, unlocked via the story campaign. However, you can only equip two at any given time. Choose the ideal stance depending on the situation. For crowds, use the Double-Bladed stance, while Dual-Wielding offers faster strikes. For slower, more powerful attacks, there’s the Crossguard stance.

Force Powers will be earned as you progress through the story. Force Push and the ability to slow down time are just a few of the many Force Powers available. You can access them anytime as long as you have enough Force (mana/MP).

Time Your Parries, Dodges, Deflects, and Counters

Due to being a Jedi, you’ll have to fight in close combat often. Pay attention to enemy movements to execute well-timed parries or dodges. These will expose their defense, giving you an opportunity to counter efficiently. Enemy attacks that glow red can’t be parried, so you’ll have to dodge them. Additionally, you can deflect most projectiles quickly, but be mindful of your block meter. When it runs out, you’ll be vulnerable to attacks.

Consider Skills, Perks, and Essence Boosts

Star Wars Jedi Survivor has nine skill trees: Lightsaber stances (five), Force Powers (three), and survivability (one). There’s also no level cap, allowing players to earn XP and gain ideal skills. For more information, check out our skill respec guide and best skills guide.

Aside from skills, Essence Crystals are objects that reward you with boosts to max HP, max Force, and XP. Some crystals offer perks, such as passives that can be equipped. Visit our Essence Crystal locations guide and best perks guide for more information.

Take Down Legendary Enemies and Bosses

The game’s story campaign introduces several bosses to fight, with some surprises along the way. Going off-mission might bring you face-to-face with Legendary Enemies. These were known as Legendary Beasts in the previous game. Legendary Enemies range from vicious Rancors to a beefed-up Magnaguard called The Massiff. For more details, see our Legendary Enemies guide.

Jedi Temples and Force Tears

Star Wars Jedi Survivor features many secrets nestled within distant locations. Find Jedi Temples, forgotten High Republic Chambers, that reward you with puzzles and rewards. Find Force Tears by searching nooks and crannies for dimensional rips that offer a quick challenge that results in gaining something beneficial.

Visit Saloon Outpost NPCs and Gather Collectibles

Saloon Outpost in Koboh is where you’ll meet characters with sidequests or rumors to share. Some of them act as vendor NPCs that exchange collectibles for rewards. Others add new functions and features. See our resource materials and vendors guide for more information.

Completing quests is a sure way of receiving rewards.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor offers exceptional gameplay, with combat and exploration mechanics improving on those from the previous games. The vast and dynamic world provides many opportunities to experience thrilling adventures. By following our Star Wars Jedi Survivor beginner’s guide, you’ll maximize your potential as Cal Kestis in the always thrilling Star Wars universe.


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