Master the Force with our Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – All Stim Upgrade Locations Guide

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor players can now breathe a sigh of relief as we present to you a complete guide to finding Stim upgrades in-game.

All Stim locations in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

The Stim upgrades in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor function like potions or flasks in Souls-like games. All you need to do is press the right button so that BD-1 can heal Cal. This will use up a single charge, and the charges can only be replenished when you rest at any Meditation Point (i.e., bonfire). You should note that this will also cause the enemies to respawn.

You start with just two Stim charges, but as you progress in the game, you’ll acquire more by unlocking special crates or containers. These containers are shown in the featured image.

Coruscant Stim Upgrades

  • Undercity Meats – Near the fast travel point, guarded by a chokeslam-happy Security Droid. This is likely the first Stim upgrade you’ll find in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Koboh Stim Upgrades

  • Rambler’s Reach: Pyloon’s Saloon – Gather 10 Priorite Shards and buy the Mysterious Keycode from Doma. Then unlock the door to a storeroom that contains this item.
  • Basalt Forest: Basalt Rift – Take a left from the fast travel point and make your way up the sloping path. Past this point, you’ll battle a Mogu (i.e., Jungle Wampa). Defeat it and climb up the vines. Loop around the rock formation, and you’ll find the crate.
  • Rumor: High Republic Chamber in the Valley – After finishing the Forest Array objective, you’ll return to Koboh. Then ask Toa, who’ll give you the Rumor: High Republic Chamber in the Valley sidequest. You’ll receive an objective marker on your map, leading to the Chamber of Clarity. After completing the puzzles and then reaching the top of the temple, you’ll receive the Fellowship Perk. This gives BD-1 an extra Stim that you can use. Sadly, we don’t consider this as a viable passive to equip. Find out more in our best perks guide.
  • Mountain Observatory: Observatory Understructure – Much later in the campaign, you’ll be able to acquire this upgrade. As you make your way to the top of the Observatory, you’ll encounter a miniboss named Urgost, Fist of Rayvis. After you deal with him, you’ll reach a corridor with a slightly opened door at one end. There’s a device that lets you push floating balloons/grapple points. Do that so that the floating balloon is higher up. Then, hold the grapple button and turn around. You should see another ledge that has a couple of Stormtroopers as well as the Stim container.
  • Dredger Gorge: Derelict Dam – Progress further in the game, and you’ll receive a rumor from Mosey about the Gorocco Matriarch. You need the Lift and Slam power first. Once you manage to beat this foe, you’ll be able to open the canister. Find out more in our Legendary Beasts/Legendary Enemies guide.
  • Gorge Crash Site and Viscid Bog – You’ll want to hunt down the Mire Terror, another Legendary Enemy, after obtaining the Lift and Slam power. This requires you to lift the metal door in the Gorge Crash Site (right next to the first fast travel point in Koboh). Take the elevator downwards. Then, to your left, you can raise stone platforms to reach the Mire Terror (basically twin Mogu enemies). You can grab the Stim after defeating them.

Jedha Stim Upgrades

  • Narkis Desert: Sheltered Hollow – You’ll reach this area as part of the campaign. After a cutscene where Cal and Merrin are getting all cozy, you should see the crate in the tunnel.
  • Pilgrim’s Path: Crypt of Uhrma – This particular Star Wars Jedi Survivor Stim upgrade is easily missable. While you do reach the Crypt of Uhrma while going through the main story, the puzzle blocks on the wall might leave you stumped. The clue itself is atop a spire where you’ll find the elevator heading back down to the crypt. As for the solution, you’ll need to use Force Pull on the highlighted blocks as seen in the image below. You can find more goodies here, such as a Force Echo, an Aquarium Fish, and even a challenging bout against the Sutaban Alpha, one of the game’s Legendary Beasts/Legendary Enemies.

Shattered Moon Stim Upgrades

  • Abandoned Foundry: Automated Forge – Head right from the fast travel point, assuming you’ve already unlocked the shortcut. You should come across a colossal centrifuge with a platform in the middle. On your right, you’ll notice electrified metal grates. Get across the ziplines and wall run to reach the distant building, then climb the opposite ledge, zipline across, and double jump when you’re about to hit the electrified portion, and ride the zipline to the other side, after which you can grab the Stim canister.

In conclusion, these are the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Stim upgrades that we’ve found while playing. There might be more, so we’ll update this guide if need be. Stay tuned to our guides hub for more guides on this massive, open-world game.


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