Master the Force: A Comprehensive Guide to the Best Perks in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, the latest game in the Star Wars franchise, has 25 perks for players to discover. These can be equipped by interacting with a Meditation Point, but since there are limited perk slots, it’s important to know which perks to choose. This guide highlights some of the best perks available in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Passive Perks

Stat Boosts

Perks in Star Wars Jedi Survivor can provide boosts to your maximum health, Force, and XP, while others grant new perks. Essence Crystal locations guide can help to acquire these stat boosts. Once obtained, players can equip them to gain an advantage in battles. But players need to bear in mind that each perk has a corresponding cost in terms of slots. Default slots available are three, and an extra one can be gained by exchanging Datadiscs with Zee the Droid in Pyloon’s Saloon. Players can discover other extra slots by exploring the game world.


Resilience is found while exploring the first High Republic Jedi Temple in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. It only costs one slot and increases a player’s block meter. This allows players to mitigate and deflect more melee hits and ranged projectiles. It is an ideal option for players using the Dual-Wield stance, as it has lower block stamina.


Shatter found in the Sodden Grotto is another excellent perk for players. It costs two slots and unlocks after you defeat the Rancor, one of the game’s terrifying Legendary Beasts. Shatter improves player’s ability to break the guard of enemies with attacks. This makes successive strikes see them falter more often.


The Wisdom perk is one of the best perks in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. It costs three slots, but it increases player’s XP gains from kills. This means players can level up much faster and receive useful skill points for their characters.


Gambler is a more expensive perk, costing four slots. But it provides a bigger XP boost when compared to Wisdom. However, the downside is that players will no longer be able to use the Restore action on death, i.e regain lost XP. This is suitable for farming runs where players only have to take out the same groups of enemies and respawn them via Meditation Circles. It should not be equipped when facing off against elites or bosses. It can be picked up after beating the Sutaban Alpha, another Legendary Beast/Legendary Enemy in the game.

New Game Plus Mode

Players receive three additional perks once they unlock New Game Plus Mode in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. These don’t use up a perk slot, so players are free to combine them with their usual selections. Players can learn more in the New Game Plus guide.


Star Wars Jedi Survivor contains various facets to be explored and secrets to be discovered. The perks available play a significant role in the game, and players need to choose carefully to ensure maximum benefits. The Resilience, Shatter, Wisdom, and Gambler perks are some of the best perks available in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Players need to keep on exploring the game world to discover other hidden extras which can help them win battles.


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