Marvel’s Avengers Final Major Update Live Today

In a surprise move, Marvel’s Avengers has received its last major patch today through update 2.8, which was previously announced by the game’s developer, Crystal Dynamics. The game studio has now taken to Twitter to share the patch notes, confirming that Marvel’s Avengers will no longer receive official support after September 30, 2023, just three years after its initial release.

Changes to the Marketplace

The biggest change that comes with Update 2.8 is the overhaul of the Marketplace. Almost all Outfits, Emotes, Takedowns, and Nameplates are now available to all players since the Marketplace has been unlocked. However, items earned through campaign progression and through the Cosmetic Vendor can only be bought in the usual way. Any items unlocked through shipments and Hero Challenge Cards have been removed entirely, and they will now be given to players as Marketplace items.

Founder’s Gift

Players have until April 1 to earn a trophy or achievement and receive the Founder’s Gift to show appreciation to players for trying out Marvel’s Avengers. The Founder’s Gift contains Iron Man’s Variable Threat Response Battle Suit.

Credit System Revamp

All Credits have been converted into in-game resources, including Units, Fragments, Upgrade Modules, Polychoron, and DNA Keys.

Bug Fixes and Gameplay Changes

Update 2.8 includes several bug fixes and gameplay changes. However, a detailed list of these fixes is yet to be released.

What to Expect?

Marvel’s Avengers update 2.8 is the last major patch, and it is clear that the end of official support for the game is imminent. It is uncertain whether any further updates will be released to the game.

Players React to the News

The announcement of the ending of official support in September 2023 and the release of the final major patch has led to mixed reactions from fans of the game. Some fans have expressed their disappointment over the relatively short lifespan of the game, with a spate of bugs and issues that plagued it from launch. On the other hand, others are excited to see what the game’s narrative conclusion could be.

Final Thoughts

It is evident that Marvel’s Avengers’ end of support after only three years since it was launched reflects the growing trends of live service games. Even though Crystal Dynamics’ dedicated efforts have improved the game, it seemed to be not enough to sustain the title as an ongoing live service offering. Marvel’s Avengers’ implementation models might be a relevant area to analyze closely as live games continue to grow in popularity.


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