Marvel Contest of Champions Introduces New Villain From Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3

Kabam Entertainment’s mobile fighter, Marvel Contest Of Champions, is adding new content to coincide with the upcoming release of Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3 in theaters. Fans can expect new playable characters, quests and game modes to enhance their gaming experience.

New Playable Characters

Marvel Contest Of Champions is adding a pair of new playable characters, Adam Warlock and Moondragon. Both will be obtainable using Crystals, an in-game currency. Moondragon will be available to players on May 11, and Adam Warlock will follow on May 25.

Seed of Doubt Event Quest

A new event quest called Seed of Doubt will center around the newcomers and their arrival in Contest Of Champions’ universe. In this event, players will take on the task of protecting the powerful World Seed and the Guardians of the Galaxy

Escape from Titan Quest

The Escape from Titan quest sees players tasked with protecting Moondragon from her father, Drax, who insists on taking her on an outing whether she likes it or not! The outcome of the path and fights you choose will determine the next set of encounters’ buffs and debuffs.

Shooting Stars Quest

The new Shooting Stars Quest aims to allow players to expand and empower their collection of 7-Star Champions. The quest features six maps with three paths each. Players with a full team of 7-Star Champions can fully explore the quest and collect exploration rewards.

Guardians of the Galaxy Giveaway

Marvel Contest Of Champions is giving away a free 3-Star version of one of the Guardians for a limited time. This giveaway starts May 5, which is the same day Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 releases in theaters. Heroes included in the giveaway are Drax, Gamora, Mantis, Nebula, Rocket Raccoon, and Star-Lord.

Marvel Contest Of Champions Patch 39.0 Notes

The full Patch 39.0 notes, which go into effect on May 1, includes various new features and game modes to enhance the player’s experience.

New Quest: Escape From Titan

Defeat each encounter along your way and help Moondragon escape Titan. Each encounter will provide different buffs and debuffs for the next set of encounters.

Event Quest: Seed Of Doubt

Protect the powerful World Seed and the Guardians of the Galaxy in a new event quest called Seed of Doubt.

New Champions Enter the Contest

The Sovereign are an advanced race, and developing each Sovereign takes genetic engineering out of birthing pods. The powerful Adam Warlock was supposed to be the perfect Sovereign, created by High Priestess Ayesha, to put an end to the Guardians of the Galaxy. Moondragon honed her physical, spiritual, and telepathic abilities while living with the Eternals on Titan. Now she joins the Contest as one of the most powerful Telepaths in the Battlerealm.

7-Star Quest: Shooting Star

Complete Shooting Star quest to expand your collection of 7-Star Champions. Players with a full team of 7-Star Champions will be able to fully explore this quest and collect Exploration Rewards!

Marvel Contest of Champions is a free mobile game that features an all-star cast of Marvel characters. It is available to download now for free on both iOS and Android devices.


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