Little Knight Luna enters pre-registration on Android & iOS

The popular mobile gaming company, Super Planet, has announced the pre-registration launch of their new enchanting clicker role-playing game, Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna. This game, featuring stunning illustrations and a unique emotional atmosphere, will take players on an unforgettable adventure.

Conquer the Dark Lord with Luna

Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna follows the story of Luna, a young Knight who sets out to save her friends Lennon, Anna, Romi, and Enid from the Dark Lord “As” who has sealed them away. As the primary character and Supernova Knight of the Stonia expedition, players will tap the screen to battle monsters, empower Luna with leveling up, equip powerful weapons, and awaken her skills. As Luna becomes stronger, new skins will become available, including the fearsome “Demon Luna Skin.”

Save Companions in the World Map

To save her companions, Luna packs her bags for the northern part of the Stonia continent, home to the Dark Lord “As.” On her journey, players will encounter 30 companions to save and add to their band of heroes. The World Map is full of exciting adventures, including:

  • Daily Dungeon: Dungeon protected by King of Beasts ‘Adol,’ Sobbing ‘Leia,’ and ‘Lulumu’ in the Fog.
  • Nightmare Castle: The Dark Lord’s castle that goes on endlessly.
  • Constellation Lake: A serene lake created by falling stars where players can collect Star Fragments.
  • Bloodwind Canyon: The bloody canyon where PVP battles take place.

Pre-Registration Rewards

Super Planet invites players to pre-register on the App Store or Google Play Store for exciting in-game rewards post-launch. As players take part in different World Map adventures and battles, pre-registered players will receive gemstones, coins, and different Weapons Summon Tickets. So, get ready to experience the magic and power of Tap Dragon: Little Knight Luna and conquer the Dark Lord “As” with Luna and her companions.


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