Lil Wayne to Host Street Fighter 6 Showcase on 4/20

With excitement building up for the launch of Street Fighter 6, fans can now look forward to a gameplay showcase set to happen on April 20. This event featuring rapper Lil Wayne will be streamed online and is expected to offer new insights into the game’s World Tour, Battle Hub, and Fighting Ground modes.

Full Details of the Showcase

The showcase, which will last for around 30 minutes, will start at 3 PM PT /6 PM ET on Thursday. While there’s no doubt that hardcore Street Fighter fans will be keenly watching, the nature of the event suggests that it will also be accessible for those who are only mildly interested in the game. Nevertheless, the rapper’s involvement in the showcase has generated quite a bit of buzz, with many curious to know how he will be contributing to the proceedings.

Closer Look at the Modes

Street Fighter 6 is set to introduce three new modes that offer a fresh experience for players. The first of these is the World Tour mode, which allows players to train their avatars and compete against legendary Street Fighter characters. This mode is specifically designed to build the skills of the player as they progress through the game.

Battle Hub

The second new mode that will feature in Street Fighter 6 is the Battle Hub. In this mode, players will be able to immerse themselves in a virtual arcade where they can challenge other players to a fight. This feature is expected to provide a vivid experience that will bring back memories of the classic arcade era, which was the heyday of the Street Fighter franchise.

Fighting Ground

The final mode that players can look forward to is the Fighting Ground mode. This mode has been designed to help gamers enhance their skills as they move through the game. It is here that they will be able to polish their strategies and bring out the best in their avatars.

What We Know About Street Fighter 6 So Far

Capcom has been teasing Street Fighter 6 for quite some time now, and as a result, players have a rough idea of what to expect from the upcoming game. Street Fighter 6’s gameplay mechanics are expected to set it apart from previous editions of the franchise. Although Capcom has not released many details about the game’s new modes, they have revealed that the focus is on building the player’s skills as they compete on a global stage.

Closed Beta

Two closed betas have been conducted for Street Fighter 6, and it is during these tests that gamers have been able to get an initial look into the game’s dynamics. Further demonstrations during the gameplay showcase can be expected to provide even more exciting details.

Release and Available Platforms

Street Fighter 6 will be available for PS4, PS5, Xbox X|S, and PC. For now, we can only wait for more details to come out, though the hype created from the gameplay showcase suggests that this game might be one to watch.

Get Ready to Battle

As the April 20 gameplay showcase edges closer, fans are eagerly anticipating new details about the upcoming Street Fighter game. With World Tour, Battle Hub, and Fighting Ground modes on set to feature in the game, all eyes will be glued to the screen during the online event. This will be the day to brush up on your tactics and test out your moves as you prepare for the launch of Street Fighter 6.


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