Lego and Fortnite Team Up for Epic Collaboration in 2021: Reports

Epic Games and Lego have had a partnership for some time now, but there hasn’t been much in terms of Lego content in Fortnite. However, recently, a trusted leaker by the username GMatrixGames has leaked some details that indicate that might change soon.

Lego Coming to Fortnite

What we know so far

Earlier this year, GMatrixGames revealed that the Unreal Editor for Fortnite would include Lego bricks in some capacity, but “not be for normal UEFN builders to use.” After this, the leaker gave an update that the Lego Fortnite collab would include unique enemies, procedural world generation, custom UI elements, custom shaders, and something called “Adventures.” The latter might be a new mode similar to Fortnite’s Save The World, but this is mere speculation.

When will it arrive?

Based on leaked information about the project’s test servers, we speculate that the Lego update will possibly arrive in fall of this year, maybe in September. As is typical with leaks, there’s no certainty.

Fortnite Heads to the Olympics

Aside from the Lego crossover, Fortnite is becoming an official esport for the Olympics. News recently got out that the game will be part of the Paris Olympics, with participants competing against one another in different events. The game’s mechanics are perfect for such competitions, and fans can’t wait to see Fortnite stars go head to head in the digital arena.

In Conclusion:

With the Lego partnership with Fortnite finally taking shape, fans of both games have much to look forward to in the coming months. While there isn’t much detail yet, the project has already generated a lot of buzz, and gamers can barely contain their excitement for a crossover that has been long overdue. As usual, we recommend taking leaks with a pinch of salt until there’s an official announcement from Epic Games. Exciting times ahead!


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