Leaked: Xbox Series X with Diablo 4 Theme

Reputable leaker Billbil-kun shared on Twitter that a Diablo IV Xbox Series X special-edition console will supposedly launch alongside the game on June 6, 2023. Although no images of the console itself have been released, the leaker has noted that the system’s listing doesn’t make any mention of it being a bundle. However, the console is expected to cost $560, which is $60 more than a standard Xbox Series X console, suggesting that it comes with a copy of the game.

Diablo IV: The First Mainline Entry in the Series Since 2012

Diablo IV is the highly anticipated first mainline entry in the series since 2012’s Diablo III. The game was initially announced in 2019, and it has been in development for quite a while. The open beta for Diablo IV was recently held, which allowed players to get a taste of the game’s fun mechanics.

  • Diablo IV is an action role-playing game and the fourth installment in the Diablo franchise, developed by Blizzard Entertainment.
  • The game offers players the chance to traverse a dark and gritty world, with a new game engine that delivers visceral combat and breathtaking visuals.
  • In addition to the campaign, Diablo IV has multiplayer game modes and player-versus-player content, offering a comprehensive gaming experience.

The New Xbox Series X Special-Edition Diablo IV Console

While the news of a Diablo IV Xbox Series X special-edition console has created a buzz among gamers, the leaker has not released any images of the console. As a result, it’s unclear what the console will feature or what the design aesthetic will be. As the game’s release date approaches, more information about the special-edition console is expected to be released.

Launch Date and Availability

Diablo IV is set to launch for PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC on June 6, 2023. As for the Xbox Series X special-edition console, it’s still uncertain as to when it will be revealed.

With a few months left before the game’s official release date, Blizzard has plenty of time to reveal more details, and the company is sure to create hype in the gaming community with the release of the Diablo IV Xbox Series X special-edition console.


The release of the Diablo IV Xbox Series X special-edition console alongside the game is a treat for fans of the franchise as well as gamers who are looking for a new console experience. The special-edition console’s design is currently unknown, but with a few months until the game’s release, it’s only a matter of time before more is revealed.


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