Leak Reveals Asus ROG Ally Model Could Cost Up To $700

A new leak suggests that the Asus ROG Ally model will retail at a cost of $700, putting it in direct competition with the Steam Deck.

Leaked Information

The information about the model’s price has been leaked several times, including through a Best Buy screenshot from Wickedkhumz, a leak from SnoopyTech, and a report from gadget leaker Roland Quandt. Some of the leaks have also included specifications about the device. The model is said to have an AMD Z1 Extreme chip, 16GB RAM, and a 512 SSD. The feature list also includes an IPS screen shielded by Gorilla Glass DXC and an ability to unscrew only one screw to upgrade the M.2 2230 SSD. The device measures 11.02 inches wide, 4.37 inches tall, and 0.83 inches deep, and it weighs 1.34 pounds if the data from the leak proves true. Additionally, the charging brick will reportedly charge the device from 0 to 50% in just 30 minutes.

Competition with Steam Deck

The leaked information has sparked speculations about the ROG Ally being a serious competitor to Steam Deck, especially given that the device will be only $51 more expensive than the equivalent 512GB Steam Deck. The rumored price point places the ROG Ally in Steam Deck’s striking range, making it a potential choice for gamers looking for an alternative handheld device.

The Role of AMD

The Z1 processor series recently announced by AMD will power the ROG Ally model. The ROG Ally series will have different models, with this particular version costing around $700 and being fitted with the higher-end Z1 Extreme chip. The cost of the ROG Ally model with the standard Z1 chip is still unknown. The accuracy of the leaked information will only be confirmed on May 11th, when Asus is expected to make an official announcement about the device.


If the leaked price and specifications of the Asus ROG Ally model prove true, it could be a worthy competitor to the Steam Deck. The device packs some great features, including the AMD Z1 Extreme chip, 16GB RAM, and 512 SSD, all at a price that is only slightly higher than Steam Deck’s equivalent. Asus is expected to announce more details about the device on May 11, giving gamers a better idea of the device’s potential and how it compares to competitors.


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