Leak hints Apex Legends Season 17 legend linked to Titanfall foe

Apex Legends players have been eagerly awaiting news on the upcoming legend for Season 17 after Season 16 debuted without introducing a new character. YouTuber bobz may have provided some insights by uploading datamined dialogue lines that appear to reveal more about the next legend, currently known as Ballistic.

Voice Lines Provide Clues

According to the datamined audio files, Gibraltar appears to know Ballistic and has a history with him from his Thunderdome days. The Thunderdome served as the original version of the Apex Games before eventually shutting down near the end of the Frontier War. Thunderdome matches were brutal, and competitors frequently did not survive. It’s possible that Ballistic is the son of Kuben Blisk, a Syndicate merc and commissioner of the Apex Games who also served as the primary antagonist of the Titanfall series. Given Gibraltar’s oddly-worded voice line about “squadding up with [Ballistic’s] kid,” this could mean that Kuben Blisk’s son may have taken on his father’s former callsign and will be joining the games using this moniker in Season 17.

Another datamined line of dialogue from Mirage suggests that Season 17’s Ballistic is not the same Ballistic who competed in the Thunderdome, but his son. Mirage’s comment reinforces his insecurity about his relationship with his absentee father and also confirms that Ballistic is not the same person who competed in the Thunderdome.

Appearance and Abilities

According to datamined information, Ballistic’s abilities may include a Smart Pistol similar to the one from Respawn’s Titanfall franchise. However, these details are not confirmed until Respawn officially unveils the character to the public.

Recently leaked character models suggest that Ballistic may have a family resemblance to Kuben Blisk, further indicating that he could be Blisk’s son, and possibly the next legend in Season 17.

Apex Legends Mobile Sunsetting

Apex Legends is free to play on console and PC. However, the mobile version of the game, Apex Legends Mobile, is available to play on Android and iOS devices, but will be sunset on May 1. Players are reminded to plan accordingly or make a switch to console or PC to keep playing the game.


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