Last Of Us PC Patch Fixes Inexplicable Soaking Wet Characters

Naughty Dog has released another patch for the PC version of The Last of Us Part I, which aims to fix a range of issues that players have experienced since its late March release. Version features several performance-related improvements, fixes related to horse animations, and addressing the strange issue where characters would “suddenly appearing wet during gameplay.” The latest patch makes several other changes, which are detailed below.

Performance Improvements and Game Stability

The Last of Us Part I Patch Notes show that the latest patch has fixed several crashes and updated texture streaming to reduce CPU usage. It also fixed an issue where DualSense and Xbox One controllers’ analog sticks failed to respond, an issue where extraneous SFX played in both main and in-game menus, and an issue where mouse wheel scrolling in menus may accelerate faster than intended. The patch has also increased active loading to reduce load times on gameplay progression.

Bug Fixes

According to the official patch notes, version addresses several issues related to the game’s user interface. These fixes include the issue where the Depth of Field setting’s sharpness may change based on the Render Scale’s settings, an issue with the tutorial’s user interface not displaying correctly, and an issue where textures of narrative elements appeared low-quality in a cutscene. It also corrected translations in menus for Thai, Latam Spanish, and Korean languages, and adjusted the language used when referring to the DualSense controller’s adaptive triggers and touchpad for English and Hungarian languages.

Visual Improvements

The patch also addressed several graphical issues, including fixing an issue where certain artifacts and weapon skin textures may not properly render, fixed an issue where the pop-up to enable diagnostics after a crash did not appear, and fixed an issue with the lighting and texture flicker during gameplay in The Quarantine Zone and Left Behind. The latest patch has also restored the window-breaking and car-shaking FX in the sniper in-game cinematic for The Suburbs and fixed a gap in geometry visible during gameplay in The Outskirts. The patch also fixed an issue where Environments Texture Quality setting did not display the correct VRAM usage and updated the VRAM usage in the Graphics settings’ user interface to accurately display VRAM usage.

Accessibility Improvements

The Last of Us Part I Patch Notes show that the latest patch has updated the ESDF control scheme in the arcade minigame to use ‘G’ as the alt key to better match gameplay punching input. It also fixed an issue where the Screen Magnifier may fail to work and Navigation Assistance’s directional icon may clip through the player character model. It added missing text-to-speech in menus for Swedish players and corrected language on the crash window.

Localization Improvements

The patch notes for the latest update provided by Naughty Dog contain several localization improvements focusing on incorrect defaults for graphics settings, translations in menus, language used when referring to the DualSense controller’s adaptive triggers and touchpad, adding missing text-to-speech, and correcting language on the crash window. The improvements are targeted for English, Thai, Latam Spanish, Hungarian, Swedish, and Korean languages.

Steam Deck Improvements

The Last of Us Part I Patch Notes show that the latest patch has fixed an issue where PSO Caching may freeze at 50% completion on Steam Deck. It also fixed an issue where plugging in a DualSense controller while viewing cutscenes from the Cinematics menu may force a player into gameplay. The patch adjusted the user interface to show Steam Deck controls in the Screen Magnifier menu and adjusted positioning of the Weapon and Health HUD elements.

Epic Games Store Version Improvements

The Last of Us Part I Patch Notes show that the latest patch has fixed an issue where the “Who’s a Good Boy?” achievement did not unlock despite the player meeting the requirements. It also fixed an issue where the sky may render black in certain scenarios.

If you’re still experiencing issues with the game, Naughty Dog has a list of known issues on its website, and players encountering problems are advised to contact support.


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