Konami sets up “Creators-First” studio in Osaka

Konami, the Japanese game developer, has established a new studio in Osaka, dedicated to big-budget game development and equipped with advanced technology. According to the company’s announcement, the studio will follow the “creators first” approach and has been established in the heart of the city. The opening of the new center comes after the company celebrated its 50th anniversary in February and announced its plan to create a “next-generation R&D center” in Tokyo, to be called Konami Creative Front Tokyo Bay that is anticipated to become operational by 2025.

The Move Back to Core Game Industry

Konami has been struggling to make its mark in the industry since it moved away from AAA games production in the mid-2010s. However, over the past two years, the Japanese company has revealed its intention of moving back to the core game industry in a big way.

The company’s Silent Hill announcement event last year marked the beginning of this journey, while the most recent collaboration between Castlevania and Dead Cells shows the company’s dedication to the shift. Additionally, rumors suggest that there is a metal gear solid remake in the works, although not much is known about its release date.

The New Studio

Konami has been vocal in the use of the “creators first” approach, which puts the developer at the center of game production. This has led the company to invest in the new studio, which aims to provide an environment that will enable developers to create games using the latest technology.

The new studio located in Osaka is not the first for the company, which already has a studio located in Tokyo where it produces J.League soccer games. The opening of the new studio in Osaka comes with high expectations, given that the Konami brand is well known in the gaming industry, with major successful franchises such as “Metal Gear Solid” and “Pro Evolution Soccer.”

Speaking about the new studio, Konami said, “With the establishment of this new studio, KONAMI intends to accelerate the creation of AAA titles and expand cross-platform games.”

The Future of Konami

The opening of the new studio is an indication of Konami’s strong commitment to the gaming industry. However, the nature of the company’s strategy remains unclear. While there are rumors of new games, including the Metal Gear Solid remake, there is no clear information on how and when they will be released.

It is possible that Konami may continue to outsource the development of these new titles to external studios, as it did with its Silent Hill series announced last year. The company’s move to create an R&D center is a clear indication of what is to come, and it is expected that the company will reveal more news in the coming months.


With the opening of the new Konami studio in Osaka, the company has demonstrated its strong commitment to the gaming industry. The advanced technology and developers-first approach of the studio will mean that Konami develops new games to meet fans’ high expectations. The move follows Konami’s 50th-anniversary celebrations and is part of the company’s wider commitment to building its presence once again in the core game industry.

While it remains to be seen how the company intends to proceed with future game creation, fans are optimistic that their favorite franchises such as “Metal Gear Solid” and “Pro Evolution Soccer” will continue to entertain them in the coming years.


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