Kerbal Space Program dev’s new game brings epic model kit chaos!

Felipe Falanghe, the designer of Kerbal Space Program, has announced his new game Kitbash Model Club. Developed by Floating Origin Interactive and published by Curve Games, the game is set to release on PC later this year with an early access period.

What Is Kitbashing?

The game offers a sandbox environment for players to build RC models from scratch and test them in battles. In kitbashing or kit-modeling, model builders modify existing kits or create unique designs by combining parts from different sources. The technique originated in photography, where lenses were modified for specific needs.

Kitbashing has become an avenue for creativity, allowing artists and designers to create one-of-a-kind pieces by integrating elements from multiple kits. One well-known example is the Batmobile in Christopher Nolan’s 2005 film Batman Begins. It was created using multiple model kits.

Creating Your Models

Kitbash Model Club takes this idea of kitbashing to the next level by allowing players to build their own basic frameworks before adding wings, engines, batteries, paintball guns, smoke machines, rockets and more enhancements.

In addition to creating custom designs, Floating Origin promises that creations will have an advanced aerodynamics system that adapts to even the smallest modifications to your models’ geometry – ensuring that your designs will perform exactly as you intended.

Development of Kitbash Model Club

The game was originally named Balsa Model Flight Simulator when it was first developed by Falanghe’s studio back in 2018. Now renamed Kitbash Model Club, the new simulator combines air, land and sea model-building with real-world physics simulation.

Falanghe said he was fascinated with building balsa wood airplane models since his childhood days. He added in a press release that creating “questionably-engineered contraptions” is something he had inside him forever.

Falanghe’s previous game, Kerbal Space Program, is a popular favorite among gamers, allowing players to build and manage their own space program. He left Kerbal Space Program’s parent company Squad in 2016.

Falanghe hopes that his passion project will give hobbyists and model-builders the opportunity to explore new creative horizons. Kitbash Model Club has received positive reactions from the gaming community since its announcement earlier this week.

Kitbash Model Club promises to be an exciting release for fans of kit-modeling who want to take things one step further by testing out their creations in action-packed battles. The unique concept provides a new avenue for creativity and invention in the gaming world, especially for those with an interest in building physical models.


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