Hutch Welcomes London Games Festival into Their Studio Space

Hutch, the well-known automotive mobile game developer, is hosting an open day in collaboration with the London Games Festival, which will take place on Wednesday, April 5, from 5:00 to 7:30 pm GMT at Hutch’s Shoreditch studio. Attendees will be given unrestricted access to the studio, and there will be several thought-provoking speaking events and the first showing of a brand-new making-of documentary.

‘Top Drives: 5 Years In The Making’

Attendees can be the first to see ‘Top Drives: 5 Years In The Making,’ a documentary that reveals the development history of the popular automotive card battler for mobile. This stunning documentary is a must-see for game enthusiasts and industry professionals.

‘Analytics and Game Development’

Anna Yukhtenko, the Head of Analytics, will present her talk on game data analysis within game development, called ‘Data Pros In Action: When Do You Start Analysing Your Game?’. Yukhtenko, an experienced data analyst in the games industry, will use her years of experience to provide a transparent look into how to examine a game’s metrics and how that data can make a game more successful. This speaking event should not be missed by anyone interested in the gaming industry.

‘How We Became a 4DWW Studio’

Shaun Rutland, Hutch’s CEO, will conclude the day’s events by sharing important insights from the studio’s four-day workweek experiment. In his keynote session called ‘How We Became a 4DWW Studio,’ Rutland will discuss the impact Hutch experienced from both a business and team perspective. He will provide valuable lessons for any studio interested in reducing working hours while increasing productivity, detailing how a four-day workweek can promote team wellness without jeopardizing output. This speaking event is highly recommended for anyone who wants to learn more about employee wellness in the gaming industry.


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