How to Achieve Immersion in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

In 2019, Ghost Recon: Breakpoint released to lukewarm reception. Critics and fans criticized the game’s lack of direction and homogenization of open-world trends. But for those who stuck around, Ubisoft delivered a surprisingly great game buried under its live-service design–one that pays tribute to the franchise’s legacy.

The Buried Gem of Breakpoint

For some fans, Ghost Recon: Breakpoint has become a cult classic. Players who enjoy the game have found a rewarding experience buried under a long list of missteps. In 2021, the game’s strengths are clearer than ever. After multiple updates and improvements, Breakpoint has become a slow-paced, strategic adventure game that bears more resemblance to the Ghost Recon series than its release state.

How to Fix Breakpoint

The most significant adjustment a player can make to improve Breakpoint is to switch to Immersive Mode. Deef, an expert in all things Ghost Recon, explains how the mode changes the experience, “Immersive Mode gives you a much more profound experience that adds realism to the game.”

What Is Immersive Mode?

Immersive Mode strips Ghost Recon: Breakpoint of its live-service elements and changes its HUD and interface to make it a more naturalistic experience. The feature has been available since 2020, and it lets players tweak specific parts of the game to fit their preferences. That includes turning off gear levels, making enemies more lethal, removing enemy markers, reducing ammo, and more. These tweaks help to create a more natural challenge within the game that rewards strategic thinking.

Why Does It Matter?

After players have adjusted to Immersive Mode, Ghost Recon: Breakpoint transforms into a new, and arguably better, game. The need to focus on stealth, plan attacks, and move tactically is reinforced by the difficulty of the game. Players who rush through the game will be punished, but those who take the time to approach things carefully will reap the rewards. This gameplay loop is where Breakpoint shines and is what Ghost Recon fans have come to love.

The Future of Classic Ghost Recon

Despite its rough start, Ghost Recon: Breakpoint has indicated that there is still a market for tactical adventure games. Ubisoft Paris has teased that a new addition to the Ghost Recon franchise is in the works, and there are hopeful murmurs among fans that it will return to its roots.

What to Expect

Ubisoft hasn’t spilled the beans on what the new Ghost Recon will entail, but leaks suggest that the game will have more in common with Ghost Recon: Wildlands. There will be less focus on live-service elements and a return to more tactical gameplay. The game will build upon the franchise’s legacy, including difficult missions, the need for stealth, and a setting that feels dangerous.

The Future of Tactical Games

Gamers who are fans of tactical adventure games have something to look forward to. With the positive response to Breakpoint’s changes and the announcement of a new Ghost Recon game, there’s new hope for this style of gaming. These games tend to be slower-paced and less bombastic, focusing more on the strategy of gameplay over sheer spectacle. As Ghost Recon has shown, these games can be incredibly satisfying.


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