How Exp Share Continues to Evolve in Modern RPGs

In recent years, many RPGs have implemented Exp Share–a mechanic that allows all party members to gain experience points regardless of whether they are in battle or not. The absence or limited implementation of this feature can significantly impact gameplay, causing players to approach the game in a much different way. While Exp Share started with Pokémon, many other RPGs have since adopted the mechanism, providing a natural and welcome enhancement to gameplay.

The Evolution of Exp Share Across RPGs

Pokémon introduced Exp Share as an item that players could give to an individual Pokémon account so that it could gain experience points even without participating in battle. It eventually expanded into an item that distributed experience points to the entire team, making it much more efficient in raising a team of monsters. In recent years, the mechanic has been implemented by other RPGs, including Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and One Piece Odyssey. These games offer a more seamless and practical gaming experience, allowing players to experiment with members of their team without worrying about grinding each character separately.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and One Piece Odyssey Integration

Games like Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and One Piece Odyssey offer characters with unique abilities to encourage players to experiment with the team. By allowing the Heroes (seventh-party member) to accumulate experience points outside battle, players can explore different combinations of classes that would otherwise be difficult. This mechanic has opened up opportunities for experimentation and variety, making for a much more enjoyable gaming experience.

Persona 4’s Complex Ecosystem

Persona 4, although lacking Exp Share, has a complex ecosystem that demands players to pay close attention to party members’ development. Players must invest in and maintain social links to help them level up their character’s individual abilities. The absence of Exp Share, however, means that players must revisit dungeons frequently to level up their party members to prevent them from falling behind others. This requirement can feel like grinding, which is something most players would rather avoid.

The Addition of Exp Share to Persona 5

Persona 5, the latest installment in the series, introduced Exp Share, making the gaming experience much more enjoyable. The addition of Exp Share allows players to use a fuller cast of characters without worrying about the level-up time. This feature made a significant difference in the game, freeing up valuable time that would have been spent grinding and leveling up individual characters.

Fire Emblem’s Emphasis on Strategy

Fire Emblem doesn’t use Exp Share, with few exceptions, like Path of Radiance. Games like Fire Emblem Fates focus on strategy, allowing players to choose the best units for specific battles. The game has a limited number of side quests available, giving players few chances to level up characters before moving on to the next chapter. The game emphasizes strategic planning, where players can choose which characters to take on the main mission and which ones to level up in side quests to keep up with the group.

Finding a Balance Between Grind and Streamlined Gaming

While some RPGs have managed to implement Exp Share efficiently, other games still require players to grind to level up their party members. This requirement can result in a tedious gaming experience that many players would instead avoid. Developers should find a balance between grinding and streamlined gameplay to provide an enjoyable gaming experience.

In conclusion, Exp Share has become an essential mechanic in modern RPGs, making it easier for players to experiment with different characters without worrying about level-grinding. While there are still some games that haven’t implemented the mechanism, most developers have adopted it due to its popularity. With its streamlined gameplay, Exp Share has become a significant quality-of-life feature in RPGs and has freed up hours of players’ time.


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