How a PC Modder Used DLSS to Fix Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s Frame Rate Issues

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, the latest game from EA, launched to great fanfare last week, receiving high praise from fans and critics alike. However, the PC version of the game has received criticism for its technical issues, namely its low frame rate. Now, modder PureDark has created a mod that demonstrates what the game could look like with better PC performance via Nvidia’s DLSS functionality.

The Mod

While this mod is far from an official implementation of DLSS, PureDark’s mod doubled the game’s frame rate from 45 to 90fps, showcasing what the game might look like if an official update were to fix the technical issues the PC version currently experiences. Currently, the mod is not publicly available, though PureDark has shared footage of the mod on social media.

The mod seems to introduce occasional visual artifacts into the game, but despite that, it is still a better experience than the unmodded version. PureDark acknowledges that the mod is not yet a “polished implementation” and has previously shared similar mods for Elden Ring and Skyrim.

Likelihood of Official DLSS Support

It appears unlikely that Jedi: Survivor will ever feature real DLSS support. EA partnered with Nvidia rival AMD for the game’s development, which has its own technology called FSR2. Though EA released a patch for the PC version that supposedly improved its performance, it still falls short of the ideal frame rate most players want.

The Game’s Launch Period

Despite the criticism surrounding the PC version, Jedi: Survivor has had a positive launch period overall. The game has sold many copies in the UK and garnered high praise from fans and critics.


PureDark’s mod for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor demonstrates the potential for the game to run at a better frame rate. However, without official support from EA, it is unlikely that players will have access to this technology through official channels. Nevertheless, the game’s strong launch period and fanbase are a testament to the game’s overall quality and the desire for the best experience possible.


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