Hot Wheels Rift Rally: Race Your House & Compete with Pets

Hot Wheels, the renowned toy car brand that has been entertaining generations of children and collectors for more than 50 years, has teamed up with Velan Studios, creators of the popular Nintendo game Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, to bring fans a new mixed reality racing experience. Titled Hot Wheels: Rift Rally, the game combines virtual racing with real-world physical toys to give fans a unique way to play.

Game Setup and Play

Hot Wheels: Rift Rally is both a video game and a physical toy. Players will need to download the software to play the game, but it also requires a camera-equipped car dubbed the Chameleon and plastic and cardboard pieces that easily assemble into a forever-customisable track. The Chameleon has a sync button that players can use in combination with a QR code presented on their screen to connect to the PS4/PS5 or iOS platforms. The game requires Wi-Fi for optimal performance, though it can also connect directly to the console for a more reliable connection.

The Chameleon car lasts about two hours on a full charge and takes about the same time to recharge. It comes with a camera that captures a first-person view of the racetrack, which is displayed on the screen as augmented reality. Players can use either the PS5 controller or touch controls to steer the car through a range of checkpoints that determine the track layout.

Customisable Gameplay

Hot Wheels: Rift Rally excels in its customizability. Players have complete freedom to build their tracks with the plastic and cardboard pieces provided in the package. The Chameleon car reads unique visual keys on each checkpoint to keep track of where it is on the track. Thus, players can setup any functional track they can imagine, moving checkpoints around the home as they wish. Race outcomes are based on lap time, and players can add real-world obstacles such as furniture to make races even more challenging.

In addition to the campaign mode, there is also a stunt mode, which offers more unlockables but dispenses with the racing. Players are tasked with performing a range of tricks that unlock new cars and customisation options.

Hot Wheels: Rift Rally is an exciting new mixed reality experience that combines video game technology with physical toys to create a unique gaming experience. With its customisable tracks and real-world obstacles, it offers players a new level of interactivity with the classic Hot Wheels brand. The quick and easy setup and reliable technology allow players to race around their homes with ease. The game is expected to be a hit with players of all ages and will undoubtedly attract collectors and enthusiasts of the iconic brand.


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