Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores Receives Patch 1.23 with Fixes for Broken Activities, Crashes, and More

Guerrilla Games has released an update for the Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores DLC, in the form of patch 1.23.This update mostly addresses gameplay issues, with fixes for broken quests, activities, enemy AI, UI, and performance. Most notably, patch 1.23 has addressed multiple issues with the Aerial Capture World Activities, which were previously incompletable for some players.

Players Still Struggle with Aerial Capture: North

While many of the issues plaguing the Aerial Capture: North activity have been fixed, some players are still unable to complete it. Guerrilla Games is aware and will continue to work on a fix.

Patch Fixes Main Quest Progression Blocks

Aside from that, patch 1.23 has also improved the For His Amusement Main Quest, which was blocking progression for some players. Other Main Quests including To the Burning Shores, Heaven and Earth, The Stars in Their Eyes, and His Final Act have been addressed, as well.

Crashing Fixes and Other Improvements

Expect crashing fixes, improvements to audio, and updates to many other gameplay-related problems as part of the latest patch.

Full List of Patch Notes

  • Known issues
    • Players reported that during Main Quest “For His Amusement” the objective “Investigate the Armory” cannot be advanced if they restart from save during the objective.
    • Players reported that during Main Quest “For His Amusement” Seyka may not open the door when scanning the datapoint “Access Control” after examining the three clues during “Investigate the Armory” objective.
    • Players have reported that during Side Quest “In His Wake” during objective “Kill the Guards”, enemies were stuck in the walls, making it impossible to progress through the objective.
    • For “Pangea Figurines” collectables, players reported they were not able to collect the “Green Raptor” if they left the parking garage after opening the trunk in which the collectable is located.
  • Fixes and improvements
    • Fixed an issue for Main Quest “To the Burning Shores” where restarting from save after the opening cinematic would despawn the machines players need to kill during the “Kill the Machines” objective, blocking progression.
    • Fixed an issue where the Fireclaw would stay down indefinitely if knocked down.
    • Fixed an issue where the acid VFX of an acid attack of the Bilegut would persist indefinitely.
    • Optimization of art and game assets.


Overall, patch 1.23 is a comprehensive update that addresses many known issues in Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores. It is highly recommended that players download and install the patch to improve their gaming experience.


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