Honkai Star Rail Stellar Jade Farming Guide

Have you been playing Honkai Star Rail and wondering how to get your hands on more characters and weapons? Look no further than farming for Stellar Jade, the in-game currency that can be exchanged for Rail Passes or Special Rail Passes used to access gacha-style banners. Don’t waste your real-life cash on Oneiric Shards from the in-game store, which may leave you with nothing valuable. Instead, read on to find out how to effectively farm for Stellar Jade and what you can spend it on.

What is Stellar Jade for in Honkai Star Rail?

Stellar Jade is a valuable in-game currency in Honkai Star Rail that you can exchange for Rail Passes or Special Rail Passes. When you use these passes on character and Light Cone banners in Star Rail, you have a chance to unlock new characters and weapons. There’s no other use for Stellar Jade, so it’s essential to prioritize which banners to spend it on wisely.

How to get Stellar Jade in Honkai Star Rail

Thankfully, developer HoYoverse provides various methods to collect Stellar Jade, some of which are quicker than others. Here are a few ways to farm for Stellar Jade:

Complete Trailblazer quests

Trailblazer quests are Honkai Star Rail’s main story quests and are the easiest way to accumulate a decent amount of Stellar Jade, earning you about 80 Stellar Jade each time you complete one. However, you will eventually run out of new quests to do. Side quests also grant you with Stellar Jade, so keep an eye out for them.

Raise your Trailblazer level

By raising your Trailblazer level, which you can do by completing quests and other activities, you can claim rewards from Pom Pom on the Astral Express, including Stellar Jade or Rail Passes. You can claim 800 Stellar Jade each at Trailblazer levels 25 and 35 from the “Trailblazing Will” section of the Travel Log.

Purchase the Express Supply Pass

The $4.99 Express Supply Pass grants you 90 Stellar Jade every day for a month, along with 300 Oneiric Shards that can be converted into 300 Stellar Jade. This pass is the most secure way to farm for Stellar Jade.

Open chests

Treasure chests on the world map carry a set number of Stellar Jade, with common chests containing a handful, and rarer chests holding 60 or more. However, formidable foes often guard these chests, and defeating them also means earning Stellar Jade.

Purchase using world currency

Each world in Honkai Star Rail has its own currency and at least one shop where you can buy various character and Light Cone materials. After spending a particular amount of currency at these shops, you can claim Stellar Jade rewards.

Clear Herta’s Simulated Universe

Make sure to check back with Herta frequently to clear new Simulated Universe challenges and earn 80 Stellar Jade each time you unlock a new blessing milestone.

Challenge the Forgotten Hall

The endgame Forgotten Hall challenges are an excellent way to earn Stellar Jade, with both Memory and Memory of Chaos challenges rewarding you after you clear them. You can only clear Memory challenges once, but Memory of Chaos challenges update periodically. As of the launch version, you can earn up to 3,000 Stellar Jade this way.

Complete Operation Briefing objectives

The Interastral Guide’s “Operation Briefing” tab contains several tasks you can complete, such as ascending characters or fulfilling certain objectives. Finishing these missions rewards you with Rail Passes and a few dozen Stellar Jade.

Take part in limited-time events

While Honkai Star Rail didn’t host any limited-time events at launch, it will in the future. Similar to Genshin Impact events, participating in these events yields Stellar Jade and other prizes.

Redeem promo codes

HoYoverse periodically releases promotional codes that you can redeem to gain more Stellar Jade, credits, and other types of items. While these codes are sporadic, it’s still worth redeeming them when they’re available.

Daily training

Unlocking the daily training feature by completing the “Hide and Seek” Trailblazer quest in the underworld on Jarilo-VI presents you with a set of daily tasks. Completing these tasks earns you training points that you can convert into rewards such as Stellar Jade. You can earn up to 45 Stellar Jade a day this way.

Complete character aptitude tests

Aptitude tests for new characters are available in every new character banner. These battles showcase how characters perform in combat and earn you 20 Stellar Jade every time you clear a 5-star character’s test.

Increase your Nameless Honor rank

If you opt for the paid version of Honkai Star Rail’s battle pass, Nameless Honor, you’ll earn 680 Stellar Jade once you reach the end. While it’s not the most efficient method, it’s still helpful in gathering Stellar Jade.

What can you spend Stellar Jade on in Honkai Star Rail?

You can only spend Stellar Jade Rail Passes or Special Rail Passes, which lets you access character and Light Cone banners. To use these passes, head to the Warps section of the main menu, choose your desired banner, and use your passes to try your luck at obtaining new characters and weapons.

Don’t waste your hard-earned real-life money on Oneiric Shards from the in-game store. Instead, take advantage of the various methods of farming Stellar Jade and use it wisely to improve your gaming experience in Honkai Star Rail.


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