Heroes Evolved Turns 6 with New Hero, Dual Forms Skins, and Exciting Features!

Heroes Evolved, the beloved MOBA game developed by NetDragon Websoft Holdings Limited is celebrating its 6th anniversary! As a token of appreciation to its players, Heroes Evolved is hosting a month-long carnival featuring a brand-new hero, the first-ever dual forms skins, as well as bountiful new content and giveaways events that will last throughout the month of April 2023.

Rewarding the Players

Heroes Evolved is providing players with a tonne of gifts and events to take part in as part of its anniversary celebration. By participating in the 6th Anniversary Cheers event, players can get a free copy of the limited-edition anniversary skin Minos – Auto Mechanic. Also, all gamers will receive thank-you presents totaling thousands of Tokens. By taking part in the 6th Anniversary Super League’s Guessing event or Ranked Matches, players can also receive the first exclusive Super League skin, Dr. Madd – Poison Destroyer, for free.

Players who return to Heroes Evolved will receive an abundance of goodies, such as strong hero and deluxe epic skin selection bundles. Now is the ideal opportunity for people who haven’t tried Heroes Evolved to sign up. Also, the first-ever dual forms skins—Departed Light—for the identical twin beauties Asura and Freya are joining the game along with new hero Khaos, a legendary warrior with amazing sustainability.

NetDragon’s Commitment:

NetDragon has consistently optimized and improved the gaming experience in the MOBA world. They have also collaborated with multiple internationally renowned IPs, including Overlord, Rakshasa Street, Fox Spirit Matchmaker, That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, BOFURI: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, I’ll Max Out My Defense, and so on to bring even more attractive content and better experiences to MOBA players. In 2023, Heroes Evolved is committed to striving for excellence and bringing more amazing content.

Join the Celebration:

If you’re a fan of Heroes Evolved, don’t miss out on the chance to participate in the anniversary celebrations with your fellow players. Take advantage of the rewards, and join in the fun!

What are your thoughts on Heroes Evolved 6th anniversary? Let us known in the comments below.


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