Guide to Finding Fortnite’s Three Boat Cargo Locations

Fortnite’s Postcard Tour questline this week has players on a mission to uncover a hidden treasure after receiving a cryptic message with the instruction “Three boats bring cargo.” Without any clear indication of where to look, this quest can feel a bit confusing. However, with the help of our guide, you’ll be well on your way to completing this challenge in no time.

Locating the Cargo Boats

Your first task is to find the three boats carrying the elusive cargo. If you’ve just completed the masked warrior made of light quest, then you’re in luck as the location of these boats won’t be too far away. Head to the water south of Mega City, and you’ll see several boats with containers on them floating in the water.

You can choose to swim, sword-dash, or glide over to this spot. Once there, you’ll need to interact with each of the boats to complete the first stage of this quest. Remember, make sure you search all three cargo boats before moving on to the next step.

Emoting on the cargo boats

After you’ve identified all three boats carrying cargo, the next step requires you to perform an emote on them. This emote is essential for completing the quest, so make sure you don’t forget to do it. A quick and easy way to complete this is to stand on each of the three boats consecutively and then perform the emote. After that, you can proceed to the final step and complete the quest.

Completing the Quest

Once you’ve completed the previous two steps, you’ll need to visit the quest’s final location to complete it. Head to the west of the map towards the Weeping Woods location, and you’ll see an NPC named Turk waiting for you. Speak to Turk to complete the quest and collect your rewards.

Additional Tips

Here are a few additional tips to make completing this quest a little easier:

  • Be sure to check all three boats to avoid having to backtrack to complete the quest
  • If you’re struggling to remember which boats you’ve checked, take a mental note or jot it down on a piece of paper
  • Use a high-ground advantage to locate cargo boats from a distance

With the help of our guide, you should now be well on your way to completing Fortnite’s “Three boats bring cargo” questline in no time. Now, grab your gear, jump into the game, and see if you can uncover the treasure.


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