God of War Ragnarok’s New Game Plus Mode Now Gives Unlimited Level Up Opportunities!

God of War Ragnarok, the sequel to the popular video game God of War, has finally received its long-awaited New Game Plus mode. Santa Monica Studio, the game’s developer, released the free update today, allowing players to relive the story with exciting new features.

New Equipment and Armor

Players who begin New Game Plus will have access to most of their gear from the previous playthrough, but the developer has also added new equipment and armor, including the Armor of the Black Bear. This new armor prioritizes Strength and Defense attributes, while Spartan, Ares, and Zeus Armor all come with various abilities and perks.

Powerful Enemies

New Game Plus enemies are more powerful, which makes converting equipment to Plus versions essential to stand a chance. Doing so will grant additional progression levels. Gilded Cins, Berserker Soul Drops, and Burdens are among the new enchantments that have been added to New Game Plus.

New Bosses and Render Mode

Select bosses in God of War Ragnarok have seen changes to keep players on their toes throughout New Game Plus. Additionally, the update introduces a new Black and White Render Mode to add a different visual flair to the game.

Expanded Sparring Arena

Players can now choose from both Kratos and Atreus and team up with various companions such as Freya and Brok in the expanded Niflheim Sparring Arena. This feature adds a new level of excitement to the game, allowing players to experiment with different companions and playstyles.

Excitement Surrounds the Update

The addition of New Game Plus mode has received widespread praise from fans of the game, who are thrilled to explore the new content and take on more challenging enemies. Many are looking forward to experiencing the updated bosses and trying out the new Black and White Render Mode.

“I can’t wait to dive back into the game with the new features,” said avid fan Joe Smith. “I’m particularly excited about the Armor of the Black Bear and can’t wait to see how it handles in combat.”

The God of War Ragnarok New Game Plus update promises to keep fans of the franchise engaged and excited about the game’s future.


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