Global Launch: MLB Perfect Inning 23 on Android and iOS

Baseball fans around the world can now enjoy the latest addition to the popular MLB game series with the launch of MLB Perfect Inning 23 on the Apple App Store and Google Play. Developed and published by Com2uS Holdings, the game boasts featured player Gerrit Cole, the best visuals in series history, and new ways to play. With the official license from the MLB, this game is designed to provide an immersive baseball experience for discerning fans.

New Game Modes and Real-World Experience

MLB Perfect Inning 23 features exciting new game modes that deliver the most feature-rich baseball action on mobile devices. One of the new Club Match missions allows players to compete against other club members in a new challenge to demonstrate their supremacy. Additionally, the game maintains its emphasis on immersive baseball action that is made possible with its cutting-edge 3D graphics and realistic animation. Players can feel every pitch, swing, base hit, and run.

The Authentic 2023 Experience

Players can experience the actual 2023 MLB season’s venues, rosters, uniforms, and matchups on their mobile devices. This means that they can maintain their dynasty with the in-game replication of the season, adding to the game’s authenticity, while also creating an exciting experience for players.

SE Legend Cards

MLB Perfect Inning 23 introduces limited-edition Special Edition (SE) Cards that allow players to collect legendary baseball players. The gilded cards immortalize legendary players and provide a new level of excitement to the game.

Obtain Amazing Rewards with Season Launch

Players can now download MLB Perfect Inning 23 from the Apple App Store and Google Play to enjoy the latest game in the series. They can also participate in events to obtain amazing rewards that are introduced with the new season launch. This includes the chance to unlock new game modes and collect rare SE Legend Cards.

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The launch of MLB Perfect Inning 23 is an exciting development for baseball fans around the world. With its new game modes, SE Legend Cards, and authentic 2023 season experience, the game provides an immersive baseball action that is unparalleled on mobile devices. Download it now from the Apple App Store or Google Play to experience the thrill of the game for yourself.


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