Ghostwire: Tokyo Receives Content Update with Unannounced Denuvo DRM

Ghostwire: Tokyo, the action-adventure game released last year on PlayStation 5 and PC, has received a new update titled Spider’s Thread, adding story missions, combat abilities, and quality-of-life features. However, the PC version of the update also included Denuvo, an anti-piracy software that has been the cause of controversy and confusion within the PC gaming community.

What is Denuvo?

Denuvo is a digital rights management (DRM) tool that prevents players from playing games without paying for them. The software has been criticized for having a negative impact on game performance, especially in terms of frame rate, making it unpopular among the PC gaming community.

Controversy Surrounding Ghostwire: Tokyo

Adding Denuvo to a game a year after its launch is an uncommon move that has raised questions from the community. Players are concerned about the negative effects that Denuvo may have on game performance and are demanding explanations from the developers.

Capcom, the developers of Resident Evil Village, recently removed Denuvo from the game after it was criticized for causing significant performance drops on PC. However, the recently released Resident Evil 4 still uses the software. The upcoming vampire shooter Redfall will also use Denuvo on PC.

The Addition of Spider’s Thread

The Spider’s Thread update for Ghostwire: Tokyo adds several new features to the game, including new story missions, combat abilities, and quality-of-life improvements. The update has been well-received among players and has been appreciated for enhancing the overall gaming experience.

New Story Missions

The new story missions add more content to the game, allowing players to explore Tokyo and discover its many secrets. The addition of new missions expands the game’s narrative and offers a more immersive gaming experience for players.

New Combat Abilities

The update introduces new combat abilities that players can use to fight off the game’s many enemies. These abilities allow players to experiment with new ways of taking down foes and add more variety to the gameplay.

Quality-of-Life Improvements

The update also includes several quality-of-life improvements that make the game more accessible and easier to navigate. These improvements include the addition of a photo mode, a fast travel system, and a new game plus mode that allows players to replay the game with better gear and more difficult enemies.


The addition of Denuvo to Ghostwire: Tokyo has caused controversy among the PC gaming community, with players concerned about its impact on game performance. However, the Spider’s Thread update has been well-received, adding new content and improving the overall gaming experience. It remains to be seen how Denuvo will affect the game’s performance, but players are hoping for a positive outcome.


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