Get Your Game On: Preorder the New Special-Edition Xbox Controller Now

Microsoft has unveiled its latest special-edition Xbox controller called Sunkissed Vibes. Unlike the company’s previous collaborations with Halo and Forza Horizon 5, this wireless gamepad was designed with the color palette of OPI nail polish in mind. It features an attractive blend of four bright hues, including Sanding in Stilettos melon, Flex on the Beach watermelon, Surf Naked blue, and Summer Monday-Fridays lime green, which are complemented by the Summer Make the Rules collection. The Sunkissed Vibes Xbox controller costs $70 and can be preordered both from the Microsoft Store and Target.

The Design & Features

The Sunkissed Vibes Xbox controller stands out with its bright colors, which are carefully selected from the OPI nail polish collection. The Sanding in Stilettos melon color appears as the dominant hue and covers the whole front panel and button design, while the left and right thumbsticks sport Surf Naked blue and Flex on the Beach watermelon colors, respectively. The lime green shade of Summer Monday-Fridays is reserved for the directional pad and A, B, X, and Y buttons. The controller design boasts an elegant mix of matte and glossy finishes, giving it a sleek look. The backside of the pad is solid white and features the Xbox logo in the center, with Sunkissed Vibes printed in a small, stylish font below it. The new controller is compatible with the Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows 10 PCs, and Android devices with Bluetooth support, so users can enjoy wireless gaming across multiple platforms.

The Inspiration

OPI is a renowned brand in the nail care industry, widely recognized for its high-quality nail polish, and Microsoft teamed up with the company to create a special-edition controller. Using the Summer Make the Rules collection as inspiration, Sunkissed Vibes stands out as a unique and cheerful addition to the current lineup of Xbox gamepads. OPI is no stranger to collaborations, and this is not the first time the brand has partnered with Microsoft. In 2019, the two companies joined forces to release a Halo-themed nail polish collection that included hues such as UNSC Green and Master Chief Pettycoat. Besides designing Sunkissed Vibes and promoting it across social media platforms, we could soon see OPI and Microsoft collaborate on other exciting upcoming projects.

Previous Sustainable Initiatives

Microsoft has had a recent focus on sustainability initiatives, releasing a special-edition Xbox controller last month made of recycled plastics, like old CDs and water jugs. The Remix pad was introduced to celebrate Earth Day in April and costs $85. The new Sunkissed Vibes controller is not made from recycled materials, but it still retains compatibility with a wide range of devices that can reduce the need to buy extra gamepads for different platforms, leading to fewer discarded materials. Additionally, both Sunkissed Vibes and Remix are part of the Xbox Wireless Controller lineup, which features a built-in rechargeable battery with up to 40 hours of runtime on a single charge. This approach is eco-friendly, negating the need for replacing traditional batteries and generating hazardous waste.


It’s great to see Microsoft align itself with OPI, a respected brand in a completely different industry, to create a fun and vibrant special-edition controller that people of all ages will want to use. With the Sunkissed Vibes and Remix controllers and their compatibility features and eco-friendly designs, Microsoft is beginning to lead the charge in the gaming industry’s push for sustainability. The future looks bright for more partnerships with companies that share the same values, and we can look forward to other innovative initiatives from Microsoft as it continues to change and grow.


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