Get Your Diablo 4 Fix with Torchlight Infinite – Available for Free Today!

Torchlight Infinite has officially launched on mobile devices and PC, marking the latest installment in the action-RPG series. The game, which has been in Early Access since October 2022, is also the first game in the series to be free-to-play. A new season, called Cube of Rapacity, is also starting today in the game.

Cube of Rapacity Brings New Features

The Cube of Rapacity is a new feature in Torchlight Infinite that introduces Malice Incarnations, monsters that will drop Desire Crystals. These crystals can then be used to redeem rewards after defeating a stage boss. Additionally, players can earn Desire Cores to summon the seasonal boss, The Law Bearer.

New Hero: Escapist Bing

Torchlight Infinite’s new season also introduces a new hero to the game, Escapist Bing. This hero specializes in bombing enemies alongside his projectiles, and new legendary gear will be available with the Cube of Rapacity.

Recommendations for Hero Builds

Developer XD Inc. has included a new feature in Torchlight Infinite to help newcomers to the game. It offers recommendations for hero builds, which can assist with learning the ins and outs of the game.

Competition with Diablo IV

Torchlight Infinite may face stiff competition later this week with the open beta for Diablo IV. The server slam begins on May 12 and will last until May 14. Diablo IV is set to launch on June 6. Developers behind Torchlight Infinite have previously talked about avoiding the pitfalls of Diablo Immortal as well.

In Conclusion

With the global release of Torchlight Infinite and the start of the new season, players can expect to see new features and challenges in the game. The addition of Escapist Bing and recommendations for hero builds will also help newcomers to the game. However, with Diablo IV’s open beta and impending launch, players have plenty of options for their action-RPG fix.


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