Get Ready to Meet Marvel’s Newest Hero: Hit Monkey in Animals Assemble Season 2!

Marvel Snap has just launched its new season, Animals Assemble on April 4th, 2023. The new season is focused on animal-based heroes from the Marvel Universe, making it an exciting time for players as the season introduces new features and cards. Among the new cards is Hit Monkey, which was released as a Season Pass reward on the first day of the season.

Hit Monkey: The Physical and Skilled Battle Ruler

Hit Monkey is a powerful card that dominates the battle arena with its ranged and physical fighting abilities, reinforced by its double revolvers. Additionally, it comes with a Cost of 2 and a Power of 0, encouraging players to follow the season pass to unlock it.

A Unique Power That Boosts Players’ Cards

Hit Monkey has a distinct power that helps players in the battle. During a turn, if a player uses the card at a particular location, it gets a bonus of +2 for every card played subsequently. This unique ability makes the card rank #100 on the card-ranking list. The card’s winning rate is 52.5%, a great score, and its Cube Rate is 36.7%.

Moreover, the season pass also includes a variant of the card, and Marvel Snap has announced an unreleased second variant card on its official website.

The Final Verdict – Hit Monkey Steals the Show!

Marvel Snap’s new season, Animals Assemble, is intriguing and brings new excitement to the game. Hit Monkey introduces a card that has great potential and an affordable cost, which makes it easier for players to unlock the card. Its fishy power also enhances its value as it helps players win the game during the final turn.

Share Your Thoughts on Hit Monkey – The New Marvel Snap Card

The introduction of Hit Monkey is creating a buzz in the Marvel Snap community. Share your thoughts on the game’s new features and cards, including Hit Monkey, in the comment section below.


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