Get Ready to Experience Halo: Combat Evolved on Game Boy!

An indie game studio has created a retro-style version of Halo: Combat Evolved called Halo: Combat Devolved. The game was made using GB Studio, a drag-and-drop retro game creator that can be used to make games for Game Boy Color, Analogue, and web browsers. The game is currently only available to play on the Pillar of Autumn level, but the developers plan to add more levels when time permits. The game is best experienced by downloading the .rom or .pocket file rather than playing it in the browser.

The Genesis of Halo: Combat Devolved

The indie studio Crusader Games loved the classic game Halo: Combat Evolved so much that they decided to create a demake of it specifically for the Game Boy Color. Unlike the original version, which used advanced 3D graphics and smooth animations, Halo: Combat Devolved features pixel art and retro sound effects. Not only is the game a nostalgic trip down memory lane for fans of the original game, but it’s also a great way to introduce younger players to Halo’s classic gameplay.

The Gameplay Experience

Playing Halo: Combat Devolved is an enjoyable experience. It is a faithful representation of the original game’s mechanics, with a similar movement system and gameplay. The Control scheme is reminiscent of The Legend of Zelda, and gamers utilize a gun instead of a sword. The background music adds to the ambiance of the game, as it’s an excellent 8-bit version of the original Halo song.

How to enjoy the game

Players can enjoy Halo: Combat Devolved by playing it on Game Boy Color or Analogue. You can also play the game on your web browser, but this reduces the quality of the sound effects. To get the best experience, players need to download .rom or .pocket files. The game is available for free and doesn’t require an Xbox subscription.

What’s Next for Halo: Combat Devolved

Crusader Games has stated that it plans to continue adding levels to the game as time permits. Currently, the only level available is the Pillar of Autumn, but more levels may be added soon. The developers are confident that Halo: Combat Devolved will become a popular game that will introduce new and past generations to Halo’s classic gameplay.


Halo: Combat Devolved is a gift from Crusader Games to Halo fans. They have recreated the classic game using retro graphics and sound effects that will remind players of the original game’s glory days. The game has received a positive response from gamers who have played it, and we hope that more levels will be added soon.


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