Get Ready for More Buildable Fun with Clash of Clans Builder Base 2.0 Update

Clash of Clans players can soon look forward to exciting changes as the game’s Builder Base 2.0 update is set to introduce a second buildable area with a unique key building called O.T.T.O’s Outpost. In a recent blog post from Supercell’s Game Lead Stuart, he revealed that the current Builder Base model will undergo a revamp to address player complaints that the game becomes less enjoyable as they progress through the later Builder Halls.

What to Expect from Builder Base 2.0

According to the November announcement, the Builder Base 2.0 update is aimed at introducing more fun elements that reward smart play. The February post revealed that the Builder Base will have fewer but stronger troops with active triggered abilities, while the March update confirmed that the attack and defense balancing is in progress.

In April, Supercell announced that the Builder Base 2.0 update will feature a second buildable area with its key building as O.T.T.O’s Outpost. Players can build across the two stages, which are divided among themselves. Non-defensive buildings such as the Clocktower cannot be moved to other stages, while Gold Storages can only be placed in limited numbers on the first stage. The exact details surrounding this update will be revealed when it is released.

Master Builder and O.T.T.O.

In the upcoming update, Master Builder and O.T.T.O. can work on upgrades anywhere as they are not limited to upgrading things in the stage where their buildings are located.

Attacking in Multi-Stage Builder Bases

When attacking in multi-stage Builder Bases, only the first stage will be visible to the player. The player must select an army and an attack strategy capable of destroying this stage. The troops who survive the first attack return to the deployment bar and will be healed. Depending on the player’s level, they will receive one or two extra camps of troops as reinforcements. The opponent’s second stage will then be revealed, and players can swap reinforcement camps or any unused troops for what’s needed.

What Does This Mean for Players?

Supercell has acknowledged that players’ complaints about the current Builder Base becoming less enjoyable as they progress through the later Builder Halls are valid. The upcoming Builder Base 2.0 update addresses this complaint by introducing new features that increase fun elements and reward smart play. It also brings fewer but stronger troops with active triggered abilities, balancing the attack and defense, and the introduction of a second buildable area.

These changes are exciting, and Clash of Clans players should look forward to them. With the Builder Hall 10 announcement still to come, players can expect more updates to follow, making the game even more exciting to play.

Are Players Excited?

There’s no denying that gamers are excited about the upcoming Builder Base 2.0 update. Fans took to social media to express their excitement and share their thoughts about the upcoming update. In the comments section of the Supercell blog post, players shared their thoughts, eager to experience the changes to come.


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