Get Ready for Apex Legends Season 17: Meet New Legend Ballistic and Discover Everything We Know

Apex Legends Season 17: Arsenal is set to launch on May 9, and players worldwide are already excited about the upcoming additions. As usual, the game’s developers are releasing information about the season in bits and pieces to keep the hype going until the launch. However, we do have some tantalizing tidbits about the new season that will make the wait even more unbearable. So, let’s delve into what we know about Season 17 so far.

Start Date

Apex Legends Season 17 starts on May 9 at 10 AM PT /1 PM ET, immediately after the Veiled Collection Event ends. In other words, there’s not much time left before the latest season goes live.

Gameplay Trailer

While we don’t have exact details regarding gameplay changes for the upcoming season, Respawn already hinted that there would be some adjustments to maps and seasonal content. Players will get to see what to expect in the game once the gameplay trailer drops on May 1 at 8 AM PT /11 AM ET.

New Legend: Ballistic

A new legend, Ballistic, will make his debut in Apex Legends in Season 17. Ballistic is an Assault-class legend, which means he will have the same class perks as the other Assault legends. While we don’t know his specific abilities yet, players can watch the Stories From The Outlands: Encore cinematic trailer to get a glimpse of his backstory. Encore summarizes Ballistic as the story of a lonely father estranged from his son, living a luxuriant but reclusive life for decades until deciding to return to the ring.

Ballistic’s Troubles

Besides his familial strife, Ballistic appears to be addicted to alcohol and dependent on an anti-aging medication from Silva Pharmaceuticals. These issues might come into play with his abilities, which should be interesting to see.

Unconfirmed: Horizon’s Heirloom Weapon

Horizon might receive her own Heirloom Set in Season 17, as discovered by dataminers. However, until Respawn confirms this speculation, fans of the time-traveling astronaut shouldn’t get their hopes up, especially since there’s no 3D model of the weapon available yet.

Unconfirmed: Map Changes

Respawn is yet to reveal any details regarding map changes for Season 17. But given that players often encounter tweaks in every game season, it won’t be a surprise to see some changes in the battlefields. We only need to wait for the gameplay trailer to get more information.


Apex Legends Season 17: Arsenal is only a few weeks away, but there’s still a ton we don’t know about the upcoming season. Make sure you check back regularly for more updates on the season’s gameplay, events, and cosmetics, and get ready to welcome a new legend among your ranks.


Apex Legends Season 17: Arsenal is set to launch soon, and players worldwide are excited about the new season. While we don’t know everything players can expect in the upcoming season, Respawn already hinted that changes are coming to maps and seasonal content. Ballistic, a new Assault-class legend with a complicated backstory, will make a debut in the latest season, so get ready to add another unique legend to your rosters. Lastly, while we wait for the gameplay trailer to drop, keep checking back regularly for more updates on Apex Legends Season 17: Arsenal.


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