Get Ready for an Intense Alien Adventure: Preorder Dark Descent at a Discount for PC

Fanatical is offering a special discount on the preorders of Aliens: Dark Descent, set to release on June 20. The game is available for preorder at an 18% off its PC edition price of $40, and can be purchased for $32.79 with a Steam key. Aliens: Dark Descent is a real-time tactical action game, with an interesting storyline set in the Aliens franchise. In the game, players must lead their soldiers in a battle against the terrifying Xenomorphs. They can customize the abilities, weapons, and other qualities of their soldiers, forge paths by choosing shortcuts, and establish safe zones to defend against the dangerous Xenomorphs. The game’s official marketing material promises plenty of iconic Aliens monsters like Facehuggers and Alien Queens, as well as brand new enemies called rogue human commandos.

Plenty of bang for your buck

Aliens: Dark Descent is definitely a game worth adding to your library if you’re a fan of the Aliens franchise looking for a fun game to play. Not only is it a great game, but it is also available at a great price from Fanatical. With the 18% discount on its PC edition, Aliens: Dark Descent can be bought for $32.79 with a Steam key.

Customization galore

Players can customize their soldiers in Aliens: Dark Descent, giving them unique abilities, weapons, and other qualities. This customization is a key element of the game, as it allows you to tailor your squad to your playstyle. Players can choose whether to go for more offensive or defensive options, depending on the Xenomorphs they want to take down. The game also features rogue human commandos, offering a fresh challenge for Aliens fans. Players can take on these enemies by establishing safe zones and forging paths with shortcuts to lead their soldiers to success.

Other Fanatical discounts

If you’re a fan of Armored Core 6, you can also preorder it from Fanatical at more than 10% off its PC edition price. For more deals, you can check out the latest Platinum Collection bundle from Fanatical. If you’re looking to expand your gaming library, Humble Choice for May features seven games for $12.

The Final Word on Aliens: Dark Descent

If you’re looking for some good tactical action gameplay, then Aliens: Dark Descent is a game you shouldn’t miss. The customization, coupled with the game’s original storyline set in the Aliens franchise, offers a unique experience for players. Preordering the game from Fanatical is a great opportunity to pick up Aliens: Dark Descent at a great price. Make sure you don’t miss this chance to save and dive into the world of Aliens with your squad!


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