GameStop Employee Fired for Leaking Zelda-Themed Switch

A GameStop employee has been fired after leaking details of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Nintendo Switch OLED system just before Nintendo’s official announcement. The employee, who has requested to be known only by his first name, Mike, was initially suspended before being terminated on April 11th by the store manager, who reportedly claimed that Nintendo had requested the leaker be fired.

Employee Fired for Social Media Post

Mike, who had reportedly not been aware that leaking the system on social media was against GameStop’s policies, had posted details of the special edition system to give the community notice to allow people to pre-order the system as soon as it went live. However, historically, pre-ordering certain special edition items at GameStop has caused problems for customers due to allocation constraints and other issues.

Mike’s firing raises questions about the role of social media in shaping consumer expectations and the degree to which leakers are punished for sharing information about upcoming products without prior approval. Some industry observers argue that leaks are inevitable in a digital age where people can share information easily and that companies need to respond by being more transparent about their products and giving customers more choices. Others believe that leaks are a form of corporate espionage and should be punished severely to deter others from following suit.

Controversy Surrounding the GameStop Firing

The controversy surrounding the GameStop firing has sparked a heated debate online, with some supporting Mike and arguing that he was simply trying to help customers stay informed, while others believe that he violated company policies and deserved to be let go. Some gamers have even called for a boycott of GameStop, saying that the company has mistreated its employees and customers by firing someone who was just trying to do the right thing.

The firing also raises important ethical questions about the role of leakers in shaping public opinion and influencing corporate strategy. While some argue that leaks can be harmful to companies and undermine their profitability, others believe that leaks are an important form of democratic accountability that can help promote transparency and corporate responsibility.


As the video game industry continues to grow and evolve, it is likely that we will see more controversies surrounding leaks and the role of social media in shaping consumer expectations. While some may argue that leakers should be punished severely to deter others from following suit, others believe that leaks are inevitable in a digital age and that companies need to be more transparent about their products and give consumers more choices. Regardless of where one stands on these issues, it is clear that the firing of GameStop employee Mike has sparked an important debate about the ethics of sharing information before its release and the role of social media in shaping public opinion.


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