Fortnite removes Call of Duty-themed Creative 2.0 maps following Activision’s DMCA takedown notice

Fortnite Creative 2.0 creators have been hit with DMCA takedowns, resulting in the removal of popular COD-inspired maps such as FPS Rust and Zombies. Epic Games had previously warned against using copyrighted content in user-created maps, but some users still chose to do so. Activision has issued takedown notices, resulting in the removal of these fan-favorite maps.


Fortnite’s Creative mode allows players to create their own maps and customize gameplay. The new Creative 2.0 released last year brought new tools and features, allowing players to showcase their creativity and imagination. In an effort to maintain a fair and safe gaming environment, Epic Games had issued guidelines to creators, prohibiting the use of copyrighted content in their maps. However, some users ignored the rules and designed Call of Duty-inspired maps that resembled popular COD maps like Rust and Zombies.

DMCA Takedowns

Recently, Activision issued DMCA takedowns, resulting in the removal of several COD-inspired Fortnite Creative 2.0 maps. Activision owns the rights to Call of Duty and did not authorize the use of its content in user-created maps. Many creators, including MistJawa, have responded to the takedowns by deleting their COD-themed maps and pledging to make unique creations moving forward. This serves as a warning to other creators to follow Epic Games’ guidelines and avoid using copyrighted content.

Future of Fortnite Creative 2.0

Despite the removal of these maps, many players are still excited about the potential of Fortnite Creative 2.0. With the diverse range of tools and features available, users can create unique experiences for themselves and share them with friends. The removal of the COD-inspired maps serves as a reminder to respect copyrights and protect intellectual property. But it also highlights the vast creative potential of Fortnite’s Creative mode and the possibilities for original content.

Players’ Reactions

The removal of COD-inspired maps has sparked mixed reactions from players. While some are disappointed at the loss of their favorite maps, others acknowledge the importance of respecting copyrights and understand the consequences of violating the rules. Many players have already begun brainstorming new ideas and sharing their unique creations. Some users have even teased custom events in Creative 2.0, showcasing the potential for original content and experiences.


The removal of COD-inspired Fortnite Creative 2.0 maps serves as a reminder to creators to avoid using copyrighted content and respect intellectual property. However, it also highlights the vast creative potential of Fortnite’s Creative mode and the possibilities for original content. As players continue to explore and showcase their imagination and skills, Epic Games will likely continue to enforce guidelines and maintain a fair and safe gaming environment for all users.


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