Fortnite Pulls the Plug on User-Made Call of Duty Maps in Creative 2.0

Epic Games has removed several user-created Call of Duty maps from Fortnite Creative 2.0 due to copyright infringement. Mist Jawa, a popular map creator, was known for recreating Call of Duty maps within Fortnite, but all of their creations have now been removed from the game. Mist Jawa announced on Twitter that they will no longer be recreating any copyrighted maps, but they will continue to create maps for shooter and zombie fans.

Epic Games Cracks Down on Creative Mode

Fortnite Creative Mode offers players a robust set of tools for building their own maps. However, Epic Games has apparently cracked down on what players are allowed to publish using the Creative Mode. Mist Jawa is not the first to face such enforcement actions, as Epic Games has previously confirmed that players who violate their intellectual property and DCMA guidelines may be subject to enforcement actions, including permanent bans.

What Happened?

Players believe that Epic Games issued a DCMA takedown on these Call of Duty maps, as the creations violate the company’s IP and DCMA guidelines. According to Epic Games, players cannot publish content within Fortnite that’s based on other intellectual properties. The company did recently update its terms to allow players to recreate maps from Fortnite Chapter 1, but all terms protecting copyrights and intellectual property remain strictly enforced.

What Does This Mean for Players?

For players who enjoy creating maps in Fortnite Creative Mode, this crackdown may limit their creativity. They may now have to be more careful when creating their maps, to avoid copyright infringement. The removal of the popular Call of Duty maps from the game may also disappoint many players who enjoyed playing on them.

Final Thoughts

Epic Games has sent a clear message to Fortnite players with this latest enforcement action: that they will continue to protect their intellectual property and enforce their IP and DCMA guidelines. While it may limit creativity, this action is necessary for Epic Games to protect their brand and ensure that players are not violating copyright laws. Players will need to abide by these guidelines if they wish to continue building and publishing maps within Fortnite Creative Mode.


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