Fortnite 2023 Spring Breakout: Challenges, Rewards, New Skins

The Fortnite Spring Breakout event has kicked off with a plethora of free rewards, challenges, unvaulted weapons, and even a new skin for one of the game’s most beloved characters: Penny. With daily challenges and dozens of rewards available without spending any V-Bucks, here’s everything you need to know about Fortnite’s latest event.

Fortnite Spring Breakout Challenges

Epic Games has continued its trend of daily rollout with the Spring Breakout event. Every day at 6 AM PT / 9 AM ET, players will be presented with a new challenge that they can complete to earn rewards. The event will feature a total of 14 quests that will disappear on April 11.

Some quests may prove challenging for players who are new to the game or have limited experience with this type of event. To make things easier, there are links to guides that will provide more information and guidance on how to complete these quests with minimal hassle.

Spring Breakout Rewards and Cosmetics

In addition to XP for advancing in the Chapter 4 Season 2 battle pass, four out of ten challenging quests also grant new cosmetics as rewards. Completing days 1, 7, 9, and 14 unlocking various hopping rewards:

  • Bloomback Sack back bling (Day 1 Quest’s Reward)
  • Shell Smash spray (Day 7 Quest’s Reward)
  • The Works loading screen (Day 9 Quest’s Reward)
  • A Spring Breakout banner icon (Day 14 Quest’s Reward)

If completing additional Spring Challenge Quests, players will also earn two more items that complement the back bling:

  • Nannerbloom Hammer pickaxe (12 Spring Challenge Quests)
  • Spring Flyer glider (22 total Spring Challenge Quests)

Furthermore, although Epic has not revealed all of the new skins available in the item shop for this event, we do know that Penny will feature a new bunny outfit.

Gameplay Changes

The Event includes gameplay changes to keep things interesting, such as the Egg Launcher weapon immediately obtainable with the Springtime Blowout augment. It works like a grenade launcher where each shot contains colorful eggs that explode after a moment. Color-coded chickens roam around the island too and contain different types of loot:

  • Heal Eggs: Green eggs that restore your health and shield slowly over time.
  • Hop Eggs: Blue eggs that temporarily grant you a low-gravity effect and give you health.
  • Golden Eggs: Gold (obviously) eggs that grant you gold bars.

Besides these event-exclusive features, several augments have been added during Season 2 including:

  • Rail Warrior: Regenerate partial shield and heal while on grind rails or ziplines except while in the storm.
  • Go For Broke: Grants Charge Shotgun and Flintknock Pistol.
  • Aquatic Warrior: Move faster and regenerate health and partial shield when swimming except while in the storm.
  • Game Time: Grants Pizza Party Item and Chug Splash item.

The most notable addition is multiple NPCs classes that are now spread across the map:

  • Scout Specialist (great snipers and can ping enemies and chests)
  • Heavy Specialist (can take more damage than other NPCs and carries explosive-centric inventories)
  • Supply Specialist (drop ammo for the player’s squad, in modes with building, enabled they also drop building materials)
  • Medical Specialist (heals players with Chug Splash).

These NPCs are more useful to players this time as they now show on the map in-game. They should offer even more strategic value compared to past events.

The Fortnite Spring Beatout event is definitely worth trying, offering something for anyone eager to play. Its various challenges, rewards, and gameplay changes make it an experience, unlike any other battle royale game. The event will continue until April 11, providing plenty of reasons to keep coming back.


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