“Forspoken” DLC “In Tanta We Trust” out in May

Forspoken fans will be thrilled to know that the game developers have announced the upcoming release of its first story DLC titled “In Tanta We Trust,” set to launch on May 26. The expansion is a prequel to the main game and details one of the key battles in Forspoken 25 years before its events took place. Players will embody Frey, who is transported to the Purge of the Rheddig, where she must uncover answers while attempting to save Athia herself.

The Plot of In Tanta We Trust

The Purge of the Rheddig was briefly mentioned in Forspoken but became more relevant as players progressed through the campaign. According to Square Enix, this battle was responsible for corrupting Athia’s protectors, known as the Tantas. For this expansion, Frey will fight alongside Tanta Cinta and leverage new magical abilities to create powerful attack combos against invading Rheddig forces.

The Purpose Behind Forspoken’s DLC Release

Despite receiving positive reviews from both critics and players alike, Square Enix has stated that Forspoken’s sales were lackluster compared to their expectations. However, they have confirmed that they would use it as a learning experience for future developments by improving their development capabilities. Additionally, Luminous Productions (the game developer) was recently merged into Square Enix effective May 1st.

What Can Fans Expect From In Tanta We Trust?

  • In Tanta We Trust provides an opportunity for fans of Forspoken to explore another part of Athia while enjoying an entirely new adventure crafted specifically for them.
  • Players will obtain new magical abilities that unleash powerful combos against hordes of invading forces in the Rheddig
  • Fans will delve deeper into Frey’s journey while trying to uncover the answers she needs to resolve her mission while saving herself
Pros of In Tanta We Trust’s DLC ReleaseCons of In Tanta We Trust’s DLC Release
  • Fans have another opportunity to play through an entirely new story within Forspoken’s world.
  • In Tanta We Trust DLC allows players to explore Athia more deeply, adding more layers to the game’s lore and history.
  • The expansion introduces a new character and enemy force for players to assist or fight against, providing additional challenges and adventure possibilities.
  • The initial lackluster sales suggest that Square Enix risks investing resources in developing the expansion without seeing significant returns.
  • The developers may focus too much on perfecting the expansion feature, leading them to produce updates for improvements rather than creating completely new games.

In Tanta We Trust looks like it could give Forspoken fans another reason to get excited about playing within its universe more extensively. While some may be disappointed with Forspoken’s sales figures, Square Enix is wisely choosing this as a learning experience and development improvement rather than writing-off entirely. Rather than compromising their current success; they are thinking beyond it, planning for sustained growth through better development methods.


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