Former Lego Developers Unveil Epic Funko Mash-Up Game featuring Jurassic World, Back To The Future, and More

A new multiplayer video game is on the horizon, and this one promises to be a mashup featuring characters from a host of popular Universal franchises such as Jurassic World, Back to the Future, The Thing, and Masters of the Universe. The trailer for Funko Fusion features “dozens” of playable characters, each presented in the iconic Funko Pop style, and all based on NBC Universal stories and franchises. The forthcoming game promises to offer online multiplayer gaming, where four players can work together to solve complex puzzles and engage in battles.

Initial Release Date and Gameplay Details

This is the first offering from 10:10 Games, which was founded in 2021 by people who worked at Lego series developer TT Games. Funko Fusion has its “initial release” scheduled for early 2024 on both consoles and PC, with an update post-launch also possible. The game’s innovation lies in its unique combination of the myriad characters from NBCUniversal, thereby breaking away from the traditional Funko style of exclusively making toys of famous personalities from various franchises. A Funko representative confirmed that each playable character in the game would have its personality attributes and unique abilities, adding more depth and excitement to the gaming experience.

Game Development and Key Players

Jon Burton leads 10:10 Games, and he previously served as the boss of TT Games, the developer that worked on renowned Lego series games like The Lego Movie, The Lego Batman Movie, and The Lego Ninjago Movie. However, Burton left TT Games in 2019 after several employees accused him of reportedly berating them. Funko continues to remain a sought-after brand, and this video game marks the company’s first effort to develop a game, featuring popular characters from its range of toys.

Game Franchises Highlighted in Funko Fusion

Funko Fusion showcases recognizable characters from various NBC Universal franchises, like Back to the Future, Jurassic World, The Thing, and many more. While incorporating such a vast range of popular characters may seem overwhelming for some, Funko Fusion manages to pull it off seamlessly by focusing mainly on NBCUniversal franchises for now. This decision provides the much-needed clarity required to map out the characters and the game’s narrative.

The Road Ahead

Funko Fusion’s trailer debuts almost three years ahead of the game’s release, indicating that the game’s developers are going all out to promote it within the gaming community. Given the allure of Funko-themed merchandise in the market, it is expected that this video game offering will generate considerable buzz and anticipation ahead of its initial 2024 release. As we wait for the game’s launch, we should look out for more updates and sneak peeks into what the gameplay has in store for us.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Funko Fusion promises a whole new level of excitement, allowing us to play with some of our favorite characters in a new and thrilling format. There is no doubt that this forthcoming game, developed by the ex-boss of Lego series developer TT Games, will have a sizeable and dedicated gaming community awaiting its release. While the wait is long, the good news is that we will be getting frequent updates from the game’s developers in the months leading to its debut.


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