Final Fantasy XVI Showcases Real-Time Combat and World Exploration in State of Play Event

PlayStation and Square Enix have finally given fans a glimpse of what to expect in upcoming title Final Fantasy XVI, showcasing 20 minutes of gameplay during a recent State of Play broadcast. The video showcased the game’s real-time action combat, which is a relative departure from previous titles, and highlighted world exploration and side quests. With impressive graphics and an updated combat system, fans can expect an entirely new experience in the world of Final Fantasy.

Combat: Real-time and Full of Options

The State of Play broadcast focused on the game’s combat system, which is significantly different from what fans are used to in the franchise. The battles are all in real time, allowing for more immediate reactions and providing a much more immersive experience for players. The gameplay snippets showed Clive, the main character, fighting enemies on the ground and controlling Eikons, the massive summons in the game.

Clive can learn a variety of abilities and attacks from the different Eikons in the game, providing players with a more customized combat experience. These abilities can be found in a massive skill tree that allows for resets and even lets the game pick abilities for you. According to Square Enix, the massive Eikon versus Eikon fights can play out in a number of different ways, with each unique battle based around the specific Eikons fighting.

Exploration: Freedom to Roam

Aside from the new combat system, Final Fantasy XVI promises enhanced exploration gameplay as well. Players can travel to different locations via a world map, which will be continuously updated with new and evolving areas as the game progresses. The player has full freedom to travel the world at their pace and convenience, offering a comparable open-world experience.

The game also features areas like Cid’s Hideaway, which players can unlock later in the game to purchase new weapons, armor, and other useful items. In this area, players can also take on side quests and participate in a variety of activities, such as training sessions where they can earn a high score on a global leaderboard. Hunt Boards throughout the world contain information about special monsters players can hunt for rewards.

Gameplay Structure

Final Fantasy XVI is divided into three periods in Clive’s life, covering his teenage years, twenties, and thirties. There will also be a flashback sequence showing how Clive came to control an Eikon. Any squad members that join Clive will fight independently in combat, so players will only need to focus on controlling the main character, although the dog companion can be given general directions.

With these new elements, Final Fantasy XVI promises to offer an immersive and refreshing experience for longtime fans while still providing the classic elements that make the franchise so beloved. The game is expected to release soon, with developers Square Enix announcing more details in the future.


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