Exploring the New Koschei Complex Exclusion Zone in CoD: Warzone 2 DMZ

Season 3 Reloaded has arrived for Call of Duty: Warzone 2, giving players the chance to explore brand-new content in the form of the Koschei Complex exclusion zone. Here, we’ll take a look at how to locate entrances to the new zone, the puzzles players must complete to gain access, and what they can expect once inside.

How to Locate Koschei Complex Access Points

There are four entrances to the Koschei Complex exclusion zone:

Oasis Access Point

Marked as the green triangle ping on the northwest portion of the map, this entrance is found in the desert at the northwestmost part of the map called Oasis. Look for a cluster of desert ruins to find the entrance to the Koschei Complex.

Rohan Oil

You’ll find the first question mark icon at Rohan Oil. Reach this entrance by heading down into Rohan’s access tunnels. There are doors open on both sides of the underground area, but you’re looking for the garage door that’s only partially raised to crouch under.

Al Mazrah City and Taraq

The second question mark icon labels a bridge between Al Mazrah City and Taraq. Look for a broken wall and passage in the wall underneath it.

Al Mazrah City Parking Deck

In the parking deck under Al Mazrah City, go down into the parking deck, where opening doors will lead you to a stairwell with a broken wall. Head through the broken wall to reach this entrance.

It’s important to note that everyone in your team must be in the airlock room with the bunker door to transfer to Koschei Complex. Anyone outside will be left behind.

How to Solve Bunker Access Puzzles

Here are the puzzles you need to complete based on the route you take:

Rohan Oil: External Ops Bunker Entrance

This route takes you to the External Ops section of Koschei Complex. Here, you’ll need to find jumper cables and a car battery to power up the bunker door to proceed further into the map. These will be easily found amongst the loot in the surrounding rooms.

Al Mazrah City and Taraq

Entering through the bridge will put you into a flooded area with a swimming puzzle. Swim through the rooms, following the red arrows marked on the wall. There are two sections: the first is fairly safe, but in the second section, there will be enemies and traps to avoid. Just keep following the red arrows to the bunker door.

Al Mazrah City: Information Extraction section of the map

If you choose the entrance to the Information Extraction section of the map, you’ll need to find jumper cables and a car battery to power up the bunker door and proceed further into the Koschei Complex.

Oasis: Defense Research Division

If you use the unmarked entrance to Defense Research Division, be prepared to solve a three-layer puzzle. The starting area is labeled with a “3,” and will have AI enemies and bunkers filled with gas. On the control panel to your right should be a button to close the doors and stop the gas leak. Then, progress to the next section labeled as “2,” and repeat the process there. There is one door still leaking gas, and you’ll need to manually turn a valve to close it before your path will open up. Room one will have a similar setup, but there will be a sentry gun and more AI enemies. Clear the area, press the button, and close any manual valves to stop the gas. This lets you enter a new bunker airlock and proceed further into Koschei Complex.

What’s Inside the Koschei Complex Exclusion Zone?

Once inside, players will have plenty of areas to explore, loot to grab, and even challenges to complete. Similar to the other three DMZ locations within Warzone 2, players will still need to successfully exfil from the Koschei Complex exclusion zone to keep their gear and complete specific challenges. These exfil points are marked on the map with the same blue exfil icon.

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