EA CEO Reveals Revolutionary Plans for the Future of Battlefield

Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson has expressed confidence that the Battlefield franchise will continue to be a major part of the publisher’s future, despite the challenges faced by the recently launched Battlefield 2042.

EA Aims to Build for the Future and take Ownership of Battlefield

Speaking as part of EA’s latest investor report, Wilson acknowledged that Battlefield 2042 had experienced difficulties during its launch and talked about the importance of taking “ownership” of key brands like Battlefield and building for the future of those franchises. He believes that EA has the “ability to bring Battlefield back in an entirely new way in the future,” though he didn’t elaborate on what that might mean.

CEO Recognizes Significant Role of Battlefield in EA’s Strategy

During a Q&A session, Wilson responded to investor questions regarding the progress of various Battlefield projects. While not offering detailed information, he expressed confidence in the franchise’s new leadership team and their work to shape the future of the Battlefield franchise.

He reiterated that Battlefield is “firmly implanted” in EA’s strategy and that the company is committed to building games that attract and entertain “massive online communities across platforms, across business models, across geographies.” According to Wilson, Battlefield will remain a “meaningful part of our future.”

Battlefield 2042 Fails to Meet Expectations

Despite his confidence in the franchise, Wilson’s remarks followed disappointing sales figures for Battlefield 2042, which failed to meet EA’s expectations. The game faced criticism upon launch, with fans unhappy about a number of issues that included bugs, glitches, and a lack of content.

Details about DICE’s future plans for Battlefield remain scarce, though it’s known that the studio is working with partner Ridgeline to develop a single-player campaign for a future Battlefield game.


With Battlefield’s longstanding place as one of EA’s biggest franchises and the company’s continued investment and commitment to its future, Wilson’s remarks indicate that there is much yet to be seen from the series.


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